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la de da

I'm calm, I'm as calm as Neville is adorable.

I'm also bored and I want to take pictures. What should I take pictures of? Oh wait, I can't, my battery died. Woe!

It's nearly time for the Friday Five! Weee!!

I was worried about Ben the last few days but I talked to him and I'm not worried anymore. Speaking of Ben, I bought my plane ticket for July. Mom and I are driving up on the 9th (day after OotP premier here in LA) and we'll get there the 10th. She's staying until at least Sunday and then driving back home. I'll fly home on the 20th, so I get home in time to get my butt over to the midnight book party!

Speaking of the premier, how many of you are going? That counts people here in LA and those of you from out of town\state\country that are coming in to see it. I might be going with the LA Potter Meetup people, have to figure that out! I definitely want to go with some friends, or if not friends, fellow Potter fans.

Also, Gmail has had the 'beta' tag on its logo for some time, when will it leave? Speaking of Gmail, there needs to be a little pop-up or something when you get new mail, it's annoying answering all your emails then looking up five minutes later and seeing 10 new ones! I want an alert of some sort!

I've been spamming your f-list lately haven't I? Well I won't stop!

PS--I'm not calm anymore, now I'm hyper!
Tags: ben, fandom, friends, harry potter, ootp premier, oregon, vacations
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