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It's photo snark time!

I absolutely love doing these, so fun!

James Potter is wondering why the hell a cool and suave guy like him would wear these types of glasses. He's more of a 'square lens' type of guy.
Me:Seriously, James Potter wouldn't wear those glasses (I like those types of glasses, but James Potter? Please)

Trying out for the roll of Mrs. Scissorhands, we have Ms. Bellatrix Lestrange
Me: I want that dress!

And we're supposed to lust after these guys?
If you read OotP, you know that the girls lust over Firenze..and this isn't Firenze, it's most likely Bane, but I just wanted to point out that they are supposed to look more..human. Here is an example. :)


Umbitch: Now, like I said before, the safe word is 'kitty litter'
Harry: Kitty litter! Guys, helps!
Neville: This is wrong on so many levels
Hermione: Oh noes, Harry is supposed play naughty bondage games with me!
Ron: What?
Me: >:B

Ron: This is a big ass table, am I the only person whose feet touch the ground?
Hermione: I shouldn't have had all the cake, I need to go to the loo!
Harry: I feel like a wittle boy in his daddy's big chair!
Fang: Woof!
Me: Awww, Harry's feet don't touch the ground! Awww, Fang!

But why is the rum gone?
Me: Yes, I know she drinks sherry but it wouldn't be as funny.

Hermione: Harry, what kind of skin lotion do you use? Your skin is so silky smooth! Is it this smooth all over?
Harry: Er, Hermione we shouldn't act like this, supposedly you get with Ron in the books
Hermione: No wai!
Me: His lower lip looks so inviting.

Arthur: Basement Level 2 please Lurch
Lurch (Elevator man): Yes sir
Harry: I'm practicing my angry face for the rest of the movie since I'm ANGRY!HARRY in the book
Guy Behind Harry: I have a sock on my head, lolz!
Bearded Guy: I have an older brother named Nicholas who has a large range of House Elves up in his northern estate!
Me: Angryface!Dan is sexy

Mr. Weasley no! That's not a toilet!
Tags: fandom, harry potter, i'm a geek, ootp movie, photo snark
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