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Spoil free zone =3

As for the last post, it still stands but I figured I explain why. I've been hearing about people posting spoilers for the last book in various communities. The spoilers might be false (and they most likely are) but I am not taking chances. I was planning on doing this the second week of July, but I'm just doing it earlier. I got spoiled for HBP a week before the release, I don't want to chance getting spoiled for the very last book.

I will probably finish DH in the evening of the 21st but for any of you on my f-list that finish before me, please put spoilers behind a cut. I figured you all would, Potter fans are a loyal bunch, just thought I'd throw that needless reminder out there! For those of you that care to know, the community hogwarts_grads is spoiler free. The moderator already mentioned a few weeks ago that all posts will be screened by her, so I am keeping that community of my f-list. The harrydraco community should be safe soon since new moderators will be appointed and I'm sure they will screen all posts as well. I wouldn't mind helping maintain that community since it's one of my favorites. hp_fridayfive should be safe since only one person can post on that community.
All the other communities I'm a member of are off my f-list until July 22nd. If any of you know their status on screened posting and can assure me they will be spoiler free, please let me know :)
Tags: deathly hallows, dh countdown, fandom, harry potter, spoilers
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