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Photo snark!

Good for him! ^__^

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is buying himself a Fiat Punto for his 18th birthday next month - despite being able to access his £23 million fortune that day.

As the richest kid in Britain, he could conjure himself a Rolls-Royce or a flash Lamborghini, but the actor has already been into a garage to check out the rather non-celeb car.

He chose the Fiat Grande Punto because it is one of the top five most environmentally-friendly cars in the UK.

A pal tells us: "Daniel is very excited about coming into his fortune on 23 July but he's not going to become flash all of a sudden and go on a mad spending spree. He is quite a sensible lad and has been planning for this day for a while.

"The first thing he wants to buy himself to celebrate his 18th birthday is a car. He’s done a bit of research and really likes the Fiat Grande Punto. Daniel is concerned about the environment and this car has been voted one of the top five green cars in Britain."

You can get the full article here

This post isn't filtered for the lovely people at DR_D that like my photo snark posts :)

Molly: First door on the right Harry, don't go into the left door, that's Sirius and Remus' room
Harry: Um, yes Mrs. Weasley
Me: troll umbrella stand FTW!!!

No snark for this picture, it's just too adorable!

Harry: Mr. Weasley got hurt?! O rly?
Minerva: ya rly
Ron off screen: no wai!
Me: *is stupid* Seriously, Minerva! :D :D :D

Harry: Oooo, shiny
Ron: Hey, that's my line! *sulk*

Sirius: Embrace the slash Harry
Harry: Um, okay Sirius
Me: Awww, such a sad photo!

Harry: Do these trousers make my arse look big?
Me: No they surely don't ^_~

Harry: I am perfecting the 'tragic little hero' look, am I getting it right?
Me: You can give Peter Parker a run for his money!

Harry: Who do I snog in the sixth book!?
Kinglsy: Wow, Oedipus complex much?
Ginny: One more movie and then I can claim that boy over there
Me: Dream on Ginny Sue!

That toadish looking woman is leering at me, unclean!

You can't have my Pokemon! It is mine to train!
Me: I've never watched Pokemon so I dunno if I got that right haha

Also, I just had to post this picture...

Wow =3

Photo resources are and HPana
You probably saw most of them already but I don't care, embrace the snark!
Today wasn't a great day for my snark muse, so sorry! Maybe the next set will be better?

PS--LJ, fix your glitch! I'm getting no email alerts! *grumble*
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