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OotP photo snark!!!

You know you love my snark posts ;)
Haven't done this in a while :)

Photos are from ootpmoviepics and most of the photos are credited to rowenathewitch

I can't believe Potter landed my father in Azkaban. He's too pretty! I don't want my father to be the play thing of some huge guy named Tank!
Draco is full of angst, which is good practice for the next movie!

You must clear your mind Potter! I do not want to see what you do with your wand in your spare time *shifty eyes*

You don't know what your talking about, Cedric was not my boyfriend! *thinking: though, I think Cedric wanted that luring me to the bath*
Me: ARMS! Also, why in the world is Harry threatening Dudley with a wand in front of Big D's gang? O_o

I know you aren't a witch, but couldn't you do something about his BO? I'm dying over here!
Snark aside...Mrs. Figg!!! That makes my inner fangirl dance with glee! I hope the part where she beats Fletcher over the head with her handbag is in this xD

Ew, not only do I reek of Dudley Fumes, but I threw my back out!
Snark aside....ARMS!

Let's just hope he didn't put that wand in his back pocket, we wouldn't want him to lose a buttock! ;)
Snark aside, have you noticed that he always has owl drawings in his room? Harry likes to draw owls, hehe.

Woah, my mum looks like Ginny! That's kind of disturbing considering my sixth year!

Look at me! I'm so savvy, I'm the Chaser for Gryffindor, I'm an Animagus, I got my own posse, and I'm just too cool for school!
Can you tell I don't like the teenage James? xD

Look Lucius, all I'm asking is if you're sure you're really straight.

Sirius: You're so much like your father Harry
Harry: Um, thanks Sirius...that's your wand right Sirius? Sirius!?
Sirius: *smirk* Um, yes, my wand.
Hermione: zomg, slash!
Snark aside, this photo makes me wibble D:

Severus Snape has perfected the tall, dark, and brooding.
Me:: SHOES! :D

Hermione: I am affronted Harry, affronted! Don't you go CAPSLOCK on me!
Ron: *sulk*

Ron: oooo, shiny
Harry: Ron, focus!

Harry: Ron, look, it's Voldemort! He's wearing Prada!
Ron: No Harry, he's not there! I don't think he could pull of Prada as well as you say!
Harry: I wonder if this photo makes the H\R shipper happy
Me: It so does ;)
Seriously, awww, I'm soooo happy they show some Harry\Ron friendship. I love how they show Hermione's but Harry and Ron's friendship\brotherhood just doesn't get enough attention in the movies. Not to mention that movie!Hermione steals all Ron's lines! *grumbles*

Umbitch: Now Potter, remember, the safe word is 'kitty litter'
Harry: KITTY LITTER!! KITTY LITTER! This is so not on! D: D:
Me::: mmmm, bondage. Wish I were Umbridge in this photo! xD

Harry wears that gray shirt with the black trim a lot doesn't he?
Tags: fandom snark, fangirl squee!!!, harry potter, ootp movie, photo snark
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