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pictures, family, and hair

Today was alright.

I went to West LA College to see a counselor about enrolling in summer classes. Since they fall on when I'm going to Oregon, I'd sign up for on-line classes this summer, at least I'd be taking classes!
It isn't worked out yet but it's getting there.

I'm getting my hair done this week or next week. I'm getting it cut (gasp), colored, and layered. I'm thinking of cutting about 3 inches off my hair and coloring it a rich warm brown (honey?).

My family is coming in on Friday! They're coming early, they were originally going to come in Friday night but instead they will be here Friday morning\afternoon. Wee! It'll be mostly cleaning but it's alright, I'll go over there to help. I'll take my iPod stereo so we can listen to music. I can't wait!
I also can't wait until I go up there, I am so freaking excited over it! I'm going to go up there on the 9th of July (Monday), a day after the US premier of OotP so I don't miss that! Then I'll fly back down on the 20th, so I can get to the Barnes & Noble at the Grove in time for the book party. I'm prepared not to see the movie at midnight, in fact I probably won't. As long as I see it within 48 hours I'll be okay, I'll drag Ben if I must. Hee! Actually, that would be really fun, seeing it with him. I'll see him in a performance, that'll be grand. So I said to myself "there will be two more movies, and you are going to see the stars at the premier", that's what made me accept it nicely. I am going to a book party here in L.A. though, I am not missing that! So I'll be Oregon about 10 days, that's great! :D
He'll have his license by then so he can take me places and we won't have to rely on his mom (I am so not prepared to drive in a city I don't know my way around!)

Anyway, I also had therapy. It was alright, better then some lessons. I also lost a little weight in my face! I was taking pictures of myself on my phone and noticed. It really helps that dark colors flatter but I think I did lose weight there. I asked Ben who hasn't seen me since March and he agreed :D

What do you think, Y/N? I actually like this picture, imagine that!

I've got cheeks xD

This is a bit better since it's blurrier. I can't wait to get my hair done, I'll get it so I actually have bangs (fringe). They are really long and just go to the side, I need real bangs!

I finally got around to uploading mom's cruise pictures. I'll share some of the ones I like with you :D

Ice chicken!

Mom said they had a chocolate buffet one night, I would have been one happy girl if I were there! That urn is chocolate and those are fresh fruit for chocolate dipping *drools*

Seahorse! :D

Same spot =3

It's kind of hard to tell but that's a Chinese style ice dragon!


Catalina, it just had a fire but this part was open. That's an island off L.A.'s coast, 70 square miles..I *think* it's 20 miles off the coast.

It's the Black Pearl! :O

Again! I cannot wait until that movie, my relatives will be down here then..maybe we can all go see it! W00t!

Hope you liked the pictures :3

I leave you with head scratcher...
What disease did cured ham actually have?
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