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I am hobbling :)

I got Teen Vogue today! It's a small magazine but it's alright. Now it's in my Fandom Magazine Rack (I have a Fandom everything!)

Main point of this post is that my dear Spencer decided to play on my desk and I didn't realize that he knocked down my scissors which popped open. Well, I walk barefoot whenever possible. Know where this is going? Yep, I stepped on the upturned scissor blade. It could have been worse, I immediately lifted my foot so the wound isn't as bad as it would be if I put my full weight on my foot. Bled nicely, I panicked my mom who wanted to rush me to the ER. It stopped bleeding so I'm just keeping off my feet right now with some gauze wrapped around my foot. It throbs horribly :P
I'm relieved that Spencer didn't get hurt, I shall remember to keep it in my drawer.

Mom told me about her trip, there was this man on shore (Ensenada Mexico) who had a bag with what looked like a cat tail poking out. He kept hitting the bag and slamming it against the wall and you would hear cat screams. Mom said 'that's horrible!' and a lady next to him said 'he makes noises with his mouth' and the cat tail wasn't real. That's still horribly disgusting! I would have burst into tears if I saw that :(
She also saw malnourished horses, there's a drought and the owners can't feed them. How sad :(
She saw the Black Pearl in a harbor! It could have been the San Diego Harbor, I didn't ask. She took a picture which I"ll post later. It's going to Florida in a few months.
Tags: bodily injury, mom, spencer, vacations
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