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Mom comes home tomorrow

Contaminated Salvador lake is mystery bird magnet

Biologists fail to lure whales to ocean

Aquarium releases seals back to water

Scientists recommend capturing spotted owls

Hundreds of new species discovered in deep Antarctic waters

New global warming threat in southern ocean

Scientists tell leaders to tackle climate change

Japanese waters warm faster then world average

In snub to Bush, US mayors sign environment accord

Arctic islands invite tourists to see climate woes

Los Angeles wants to slash greenhouse gases

Greenpeace calls for immediate halt to bluefin tuna fishing

Baby orca in tug of war
Call it an orca people, not a 'killer whale' *huffs*

Australian planned bombing 'to prove love'

Missing girl prompts debate

Alright, I'll end this with a photo of my animal of the week. I'm very concerned about the amur leopard. I'm concerned over all the critically endangered animals but right now this animal has caught my attention.

It's the rarest cat in the world, just 30 of them are left in the wild.

It is also the northern most leopard, it lives in the same region as the Siberian tiger.
Tags: endangered animals, global warming, los angeles, news articles
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