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I wish it were Memorial Day

Don't read the whole thing.
Just quickly copy and paste, don't wanna spoil it.
Name 10 people you can think of, right of the top of your head. (LJ or IRL - whoever comes to mind)
Don't read the questions under the cut until you write the names.
This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list people that come to mind.

1. bellelvsbeast
2. flavored_glass
3. weaselses
4. imonsie
5. box_of_sorrows
6. decapod_10
7. yodallama
8. masterofmercury
9. cartoondoggy
10. mariahgem

- How did you meet #4?
When I was looking for a friend for my first rat Hamlet, she was breeding ratties. I adopted a girl from her and we've been friends since. She's my soul sister now =3

- Do you like anyone on here?
Not like that haha

- What would you do if #6 and #2 were going out? -
Haha, that would be interesting. Two Slytherin girls getting together ;p

- How did you meet #8?
I haven't, woe!

- Have 3 and 10 ever met?
Erm, most likely not

- What would you do if #5 confessed they loved you?
We have a secret affair going on, don't tell anybody ;)

- Is #2 your best friend?
No, but we're friends

- Who's #7's best friend?

- Do you ever miss #1?
I've never met her...and she comments every day on my journal so I can't miss her in that regard! xD

- Is #9 cool?
Hell yes she is! She has the same belief on traditional vs. new animation that I do, she's a Disney nerd like me, and she's also an animal person :3

- What is your opinion of #6?
She's quirky and fun. I wouldn't want to drive with her when she's in a racing mood though! =O

- Who does #2 like?
Alan Rickman =3

- Do you have anything special with #10?
Haha, no. We just share interests and she loves the depraved alien porn like I do ;)

- Do you love #4?
Yes, indeed I do. I wuvvles her like a sister *glomps her*

- Have you slept in the same room with any of the #'s?
Yep, #3. We shared a hotel together in New York City.

- Have you seen #3 ever pee their pants?
O.o What kind of question is that?! Nope, I haven't xD

- Have you ever kissed any of them?

this site is evil because it will make me die from the cute">

this is bullshit
I can't afford that, ugh! Thank goodness I rarely ride that bus, I usually ride the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

oh hope so!
I hope this happens, it would help so much. I live around the purple line in case anybody cares ;p
Tags: friends, los angeles, memes quizzes and surveys, rants
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