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Embrace your inner fangirl

1. Which is your favorite Triwizard Task?Possibly the third task. Harry shows his intelligence when he meets the Sphinx, you just don't see how smart he is too often :\
2. What's your favorite HP reference in another fandom? Futurama, in the episode Crimes Of The Hot, Al Gore goes "As you read in my new book Earth In The Balance or the more popular Harry Potter & The Balance of Earth, we need to defend our planet against pollution, as well as dark wizards!"
3. Which HP were/are you most like as a teenager? Probably Hermione, I was...and am, a major bookworm. I was more open-minded about things though.
4. Which would you rather have: a niffler or a Pygmy Puff? A Pygmy Puff, I wouldn't want tne niffler getting into anything shiny!
5. You have enough Polyjuice Potion to last one day: who do you choose to morph into?
Is this supposed to be a PG--PG13 answer? If not then Ginny for nefarious reasons involving messy haired wizards ;)
If I must choose for more innocent reason then I choose Voldy, I'd like to make him say and do really stupid things! That'd piss the real Voldie off, hehe

new UK trailer here!

First let's get the young and the innocent out of the way shall we?

Awww, he was so adorable :3

I really like this photo, even then he had that 'weight of the world on his shoulders' look with his eyes. He was so wee!

Now for the ones we can squee over for completely different reasons!

Smile! His smile will be the death of me, but what a way to go eh?

He looks so dominating! I could insert a naughty joke but I'll let you lovely people do that!

Hahaha! I got this from Leaky Cauldron but I get that magazine too. Needless to say, it shall be put on my Cork board Of Geekdom.
My favorite is the Lord of the Dance one. The Dark Lord should not have an arse that fine and Harry looks damn good in that red robe. He has the moves! Omg, I am so hyper O__O

The Dan and OotP pictures were found at

Don't mind my utter insanity, I'm drunk on orange juice!
I got my commission from mudblood428 in the mail yesterday! I already put it up on the wall and now that wall is 100% fandom. I'll take a picture soon. Hehe
Oh, my friends in the U.K., you are very lucky. You get to see OotP a day early!
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