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this old man came rolling home

The interview went well, I hope I get it.

It was horribly hot today with Santa Ana winds, ick! Those are warm winds and very dry, not fun!

Mom went to Barnes & Noble tonight and picked me up an early birthday present. She got me this book. She saw a table filled with Potter related things and didn't know what I had or wanted, since that book was cheap she got it. I read a bit of it so far and it's based towards young teenage girls. Hehe, I don't mind, it was nice of her to get it and the pictures are adorable. Since the copyright is 2005, there's nothing recent but still, it's cute :3
I must go to that B&N and check it out. That book wasn't the birthday present though.
No, my early birthday present made me squeal in glee when I saw it. She got me this!!! GRSIOJGJSR@$#%H!!!!!!

Thus ends this pointless post, time to watch one of the DVDs!
Tags: dan radcliffe, job front, mom, squee!!!, weather
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