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real life

Quick update before bed.

I got an interview with a movie theater at noon today, I'm actually fairly upbeat about this.

Yesterday I ran errands with mom, we went clothes shopping for her cruise. Let me tell you, shopping for clothes with my mom is torture, ack! Well anyway, I got some nice summer clothes so it was worth it. When we got back to the car, mom saw that the car next to us has a baby inside. The car was locked and running but there wasn't one of those shades on the window where the baby was and the sun was shining directly onto the baby. Well, we called the police and they came over just as the mom came back form shopping. They checked the baby, which was fine, but they will be contacting social services about this. Stupid parents, ugh!
We also went to dinner and the market. I talked to my cousin as well, we had a nice chat. His friend won't be coming down here Memorial Day weekend..I just hope she doesn't come down here in July either hehe.

I suppose that's it for now, I must go to sleep.

Rawr, he's hacked off!

He has calmed down and has allowed me to be seen with him. Cats are such royal creatures :P

Again, aren't I lucky to be seen with such an important creature like him?

Heidi pictures to come later tonight.
Tags: job front, me, mom, my photos, spencer, stupid people
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