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I'm glad they got rid of that doctored picture for the IMAX poster, wasn't even approved I hear. I understand getting rid of somebody's spots, which is silly but still, understandable. Tto increase Emma's boob size though? Ugh! What sort of message does that send to girls..and Emma herself? Is she liked for her acting or for her boobs? Bah!
You can see an article here or here

I'm home from Celtic Woman! They were absolutely amazing! They played all the songs I Orinoco Flow!!
They were all lovely and the fiddler was just as awesome as when I saw the videos of them on YouTube. She wore flowing dresses with loose skirts and would prance around the stage playing her instrument perfectly. She's so petite, it was like watching a pixie or a fairy!
I highly recommend seeing them if you ever have the chance. Loreena McKennitt is playing on the 10th, I'd love to see her but I doubt I'll get a ticket. She's also amazing!
Tags: celtic woman, concerts, ootp movie, rants, sexism
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