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this and that..and a little of randomness

I haven't mentioned this to anybody but The Monsie (she requires a title for her awesomeness) that I have a temporary job at a movie store while another employee is on maternity leave. It'll be for about a month, maybe a bit longer. Who knows, it could become longer but even if it doesn't, I have some money coming in and something to put on my resume.
So I'm home from that.
Tomorrow I'm seeing Spider-Man 3...well, it will technically be 'tomorrow' even if I'm seeing a midnight show :D
Eee, can't wait! I'm a Spidey dork, but I'm not as hardcore as some people, he's just been my favorite superhero since I was a little kid.
My tongue is killing me something fierce, I bit it yesterday and a little bit of flesh is raised up. Like an idiot, I'm drinking orange juice..fresh squeezed, yummy.
At the moment I'm talking to Ben on AIM and it seems his best friend might be coming down with them. I don't know if he means Memorial Day weekend or July...I hope it's the former, since I won't be seeing him much then anyway and it's only a few days. In July, they'll be here for at least a week...possibly two weeks, and I don't want to share him O_O
I know, I'm a selfish wench. ;p
We won't be seeing Wicked Memorial Day weekend but we will in July, so that's good. Another reason why I don't want her down here then, I'm so horrible >:D
I'm going up there in July as well, hopefully I can work that out around my class schedule.
I cannot believe there's only 78 more days until the end, sadness!

So, Wicked last night! It was brilliant. I saw this company back in February but it was the premier week so there were still some gliches and such (still awesome though!). Carol Kane is amazing, but then she would be wouldn't she? She's a veteran theater actress. I absolutely adore Megan Hilty as Galinda, she's my favorite out of all the Galinda's I've seen. I can't really compare though, each actress has her own way of bringing the character to life. There's just something about Megan's Galinda though that I really love :D
Jersey Boys and Spelling Bee is coming back so I'm definitely seeing those!

And on that note, I leave you with a sexy sexy man

He sure pulls that wig off.
Tags: ben, eye candy, i'm a geek, job front, school, theatre, wicked
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