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I love doing these

mariahgem tagged me, I love doing this stuff!

It's an icon and interests meme!!
paleozoologyI love all forms of life science but some tickle my learning bone more then others. The study of pre-historic animals is one of those, I love learning about dinosaurs, trilobites, ancient mammals, and ancient sharks. I've always been a 'dino nerd' and that will never change! :D
rocky beachesI love nature, anybody that knows me will tell you that. I also love beaches, but not to sunbathe or gawk at scary humans in their scary thongs. No, I love the beauty of the crashing waves, the wind, and the scenery. My favorite type of beach is a rocky beach with sand pebbles and shells, with large jutting rocks in the water for me to explore. That said, my very favorite beach of all is Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. This picture is a bit up the coast then where I usually hang out, but that's the photo I found from my folders (I took this picture).
Idina MenzelI've enjoyed listening to her ever since I first heard the Wicked soundtrack. Later I realized she was also in RENT, which I also enjoy (but not as much as yodallama!). She has two albums that I fully recommend.
Haha, this is a photo from a series of books that I absolutely adored as a kid. These books also scared the shit out of me, not so much the stories but the illustrations. You think that drawing is creepy, go check out the book, you'll see a scary naked fat woman with stringy hair and tiny black eyes and a hideous wide toad mouth (Umbridge!?) The books are Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. This particular image is of a skeletal horse
on: Ooo, this is a hilarious icon while looking at a Potter icon maker, I found that and had to have it! It reminds me of the movie Deliverance which is a complete mind screwer, it really messes with your mind! I love that movie though and I thought a funny icon that reminds me of it is ironic. Plus, it's just funny xD
I love Mr. Burns! He is one of the best cartoon character ever, he's just so delightfully evil! I'm sad of what they did to his character over the last few years, they just made him eccentric and a bit mean. He's not evil anymore! Anyway, I always laugh during this scene. It's one of the earliest Halloween specials, where he puts Homer's brain into his robot to create the perfect worker. He takes the brain out and puts it on his head and goes 'look at me, I'm Davey Crocket!'. Classic Simpsons gold right there! I made this icon, hence it's crappy quality ;D

Woo hoo!  Ok, comment if you want me to pick 3 interests and 3 icons from you for you to explain!  :D
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