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I had the most wonderful margarita during dinner.

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Awww, you guys lurve me! :D

I was going to do this icon meme thing but I'm too tired to do that now, I'll do that in the morning!

Me! It's Dan! Hehehe. My hair will take over the world! I love my cork board, I'll post a picture of the awesomness that is my cork board if anybody wants to see it!

This is my pout, I have perfected it! Or perhaps that's a 'oh noes!' face?

edit: Somebody asked me to post my cork board, so I am!

Yes, I have three wall calenders. Two were gifts and I got myself the one in the middle. The little calender has my reading schedule for the Potter books. The guy on the top right is Dan (duh) and the folded up paper on the bottom left is an article on Rowling from TIME Magazine. I also have a few GoF buttons, and some are under the calenders. I lost my Harry button which makes me sad! My Potter glasses, my two markers, and some print outs. Also, my tickets packet that I keep all tickets in (to events I have yet to see). I also keep my ticket stubs, which are in that brown envelope that originally held one of my commissions :D

I don't want to get my hopes up but Ben said that his parents are allowing him to see Wicked with me when they come down here. I'm seeing Wicked Wednesday, so that would be twice in one month. I don't care, we both love Wicked and love live theatre and musicals so it would be grand seeing it with him. *crosses fingers*
The month of May shall be grand! Here's what's up:
Celtic Woman---Saturday
Ben & Family---Memorial Day Weekend
Seeing Al Gore & Harry Shearer speak---May 22
Spider-Man 3---FRIDAY!!!
Tags: ben, concerts, fandom, friends, livejournal, me, my photos, wicked
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