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Sometimes I just want to take out my boomstick and let loose...but I don't have a boomstick

Beautiful video.

Alright, so yesterday was a completely horrible day.

I've only told a few people about this, but yesterday I had a kinda-sorta date. We were to meet at Santa Monica Beach and join a beach cleanup group and basically get to know each other over picking up trash. I was fairly excited by it. Even if nothing happened from it, I would have done some good for the Earth and meet people.
Well, this guy completely ruined it for me. I get there and the following insues...words might not be exact...
Him: okay, let's go.
Me: What? We're supposed to be cleaning the beach. I guess we could get a coffee down the street.
Him: Please, girls like you are good for only one thing and it isn't coffee.
At this point he looked me up and down and had this expression like I was scum and should be lucky he was giving me the time of day.
Me: >:O
I then proceeded to call him various things.
Him: Come on now, 'girls like you are desperate. Take what you can get
I basically told him to fuck off at that point.

I spent the next two hours taking my anger out on trash. Asshole.
When I told mom she said something like "well, you can't be surprised that men only see you like that. With your weight, people assume you are desperate"
I thought that too but I didn't need to hear it from my mom. She didn't say it as nicely though but she did apologize later...which baffled me.

So that was yesterday morning\afternoon.

Later that day, I talk to Ben (who was really pissed off on my behalf <3) and found out that we will get to spend very little...if any..time together when he comes down here. His parents want him to be completely focused on cleaning Grandma's house. I'll be lucky if I get to see him at all. My day was already shitty and when I heard that, I basically started crying.
We got on this subject when I told him about the Star Wars convention. He told me I should go and I told him I wanted to spend time with them...then he laid that bomb on me.
So, I may as well look into going to the convention. I'd rather hang out with him but if I can't, I may as well do something to take my mind off of it...

Yes, Wednesday sucked horribly for me.

I suppose that's it for now. Might update again before bed.

Also, I offer apologizes to people who updated the last few days. I haven't really been reading my lj this week, but I'll try to catch up by the weekend.
Tags: animals, ben, depression, i hate humans, mom, stupid people, videos, volunteering, weight issues
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