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the Force is strong within me

I really want to go to this. I mean..I really want to go. Sadly, it's Memorial Day weekend..I just realized that. Ben is coming down here then. I told my friend that I would drag him there if he were down here at that time. Well, just now I remembered that he doesn't really like the movies too much. So, if he doesn't want to go and he's here the days it's also here, I won't go. I'd rather spend time with him since he'll just be here a weekend. I mean, I love Star Wars, I'm a Star Wars geek (though I don't hold a candle to some people) but Ben is...Ben. No contest on where I'd rather spend my time. We do want to see Wicked together though so hopefully that happens.
Oh well, I won't get my hopes up for this but if I get to go, that would rock hardcore (that term is so lame).

I got the Evil Dead musical soundtrack! It's so funny :)
Tags: ben, fandom, i'm a geek
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