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my situation is draining me

The weekend wasn't that great, I was fairly depressed this weekend. One good thing though; my best friend has been married a full year today! Happy anniversary Monsie and Justin!
Mom has been on my back about the usual things, no point in discussing most of it. I try and I try to lose weight, I do various things to lose weight and it isn't enough for her. Not enough for anybody it seems, well at least the people that I'm affected by, my brother and therapist and of course my mother.
I've been told by friends and relatives (some relatives that are also friends) that they are proud of what I'm doing to lose weight. My mom isn't proud though and that makes me really sad.
I have an infection right now, so I'm taking medication. It's a pain in the arse is what it is. Oh well. I'll be signing up for summer classes soon which will be alright. My aunt and uncle are coming in on Thursday and then they might come back Memorial Day weekend with my cousins which I can't wait for.

I'm thinking of going up to Oregon in August, my cousin says the weather is better than in July. I'm used to heat but if I can escape it, that would be nice.

Well anyway, I'm having a lot of 'low days' right now and the majority of my family and the people that surround me do not help at all. I need to get out of here, it's draining me.
Tags: depression, family, mom, monsie, weight problems
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