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little tv survey

~Go to and look up some of your favorite TV shows.
~Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these picks.
~Have your friends guess the show names.

edit: all guessed!

1. delivery boy \ invention \ cult favorite Futurama box_of_sorrows

2. landlord \ roommate \ chef Three's Company flavored_glass

3. British \ eccentric \ cross dressing Monty Python flavored_glass

4. cult favorite \ time travel \ amnesia Quantum Leap box_of_sorrows

5. landlady \ alien \ police officer 3rd Rock From The Sun box_of_sorrows

6. FBI \ cancer \ aliens X-Files The X-Filesbox_of_sorrows

7. sitcom \ band leader \ cult TV I Love Lucy elphie_7

8. hidden character \ handyman \ sibling rivalry Home Improvement box_of_sorrows

9. water tower \ animation \ world domination Animaniacs box_of_sorrows

10. deadbeat dad \ nuclear power \ tree house The Simpsons box_of_sorrows

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