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reduce reuse recycle

Today was alright, mom and I ran a bunch of errands.

First we went to the bakery to pick up bread and such and then headed to the gas station to get propane since we're out. I demanded bbq chicken so we needed it, yum!
After that we headed to Santa Monica to pick up the Celtic Woman tickets. Speaking of, I don't think I mentioned that but I'm seeing Celtic Woman in May! Got the tickets a while ago, I'm so excited! *bounces*
I'm seeing Wicked three days earlier so that week will be fun! I want to see Jersey Boys in the worst way, it's playing a hour away so maybe I'll get myself a ticket.
Well, anyway. From there we headed to Coffee Bean, I haven't been in two weeks. I'm cutting that back as well as soda. I'm drinking one to two sodas a week, maybe even less. I could drink so much soda a week but it is pretty bad for you and I want to lose weight so I'm cutting it out a lot. I'm going to have one Coffee Bean every other week instead of every week. That's not clockwork either, I might go weeks without it! Point is, I won't give into a craving unless it's been a while. I hope that helps too...I'm also cutting bread down, I love sandwiches but I suppose I can just have the filling. Like, instead of having a burger, I could have a steak burger's basically hamburger meat without the bun. That's just an example, I'm cutting burgers (and fries) back quite a bit too and I'm eating stuff I usually loath, salad for example. I don't mind the taste of salad, I just hate the texture, the feel of eating the leaves. Ick..same reason I hate eating nuts. I like the flavor of nuts but I hate the texture, I'm forcing myself though. I do like fruit salad though ;)

Anyway, back to today! After that we headed to Best Buy, we had coupons! I got God of War II, $25 off with all my coupons. We also picked up some movies, cheap movies, w00t! I got Event Horizon, I haven't seen that in at least a decade. Also picked up a camera case and strap for my little Canon since Mum will be taking it with her on her cruise. I use it more then my Rebel but it's smaller, it can go in a pocket. It was a bitch lugging my Rebel around New York so I'll just let mom use my little one. Plus my little Canon is easier to use.

I want a new computer monitor, mine kinda sucks. I'm not going to worry about it because they are so much money. If I get one eventually I'm happy, but this one isn't horrible...just compared to the nice crystal clear monitors it is ;)
I had a job interview yesterday and I have an interview next week with Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Michaels..ah well.
I haven't talked to my cousin in a few days, I should call him today or tomorrow. I will probably be going to the beach next week for a group beach cleanup. That will be fun and I'll feel good. I'm also looking for an event to go to on Earth Day, I want to help. I'm going to contact Tree People, maybe they are having an event.

Mystery's birthday is Sunday, Mr Scrooge too but he's gone. We'll give her some tuna, she loves white tuna, silly pampered kitty. Spencer's birthday is May 1st and Zoe's is May 7th. See, they aren't brother and sister but half siblings, different mothers. They were born a week apart and I just made those days their birthdays, easier to remember.

I suppose that's it. I leave you know with these parting words;
Nitwit Blubber Odment Tweak!
Tags: ben, celtic woman, earth day, environment, holidays, musicals, musings, my cats, mystery, performances, volunteering, weight issues, wicked
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