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Ceres juice is delicious!

Nothing much has been going on.
I'm getting back into the groove of job hunting. I really want to get a job at the Barnes & Noble that is opening in June but they aren't accepting applications yet.

Right now I'm actually doing some art for family. They want to hang them on their walls and such so they are paying me. I'm using water colors and pencils, also ink. I didn't ask to get paid but it does help since the supplies cost a bit. It isn't that great either, they just like the work that is on the walls of our house so I make them stuff. So I'm getting a little pocket money that way.

I've been talking to Ben nearly every day, either by texting or talking one on one. He's very busy right now with shows and rehearsals. I would just love to see him perform, I've seen him sing and practice but it would be wonderful to actually see him in one of his shows.
After he's done with school we want to take a little trip together. I hope it happens, he hopes it happens, but we are both prepared for it to *not* happen. What we would love to do is go to the UK together but the odds of that? Very very small haha. We might go to NYC and do a Broadway spree, even a little weekend trip up the coast to Central California would be fun!
In any case, I plan on going up there sometime this summer. I'm thinking July, maybe we can go catch OotP together, that would be brilliant! Seeing it with somebody that likes the movies and likes the books. I usually only see it with my mom, who likes them well enough but she isn't like me. Or i see it with my other best friend, who...I'm not sure if she likes the movies. It's a tradition for us to see it, she probably likes them well enough haha. Love you Monsie! <3<3
Ooo, before I forget. I finally got two ring tones I've been craving! I got a Wicked tone and the overland theme from Zelda! It made me dance in glee :3

Let's see...anything else..
Well, mom and her sister are going on a cruise to Mexico in May. I think she should have researched her cruises. Did she? Nope! After she bought her ticket she had me look stuff up. Her cruise is four days, it goes from San Diego to Catalina to Mexico. Never mind the fact that it would make more sense to go to Catalina then San Diego. Also, she could have taken a cruise that wouldn't stop in San Diego! She doesn't want to get off the boat then because we've been there so often. Well, if you researched you would have gone straight to Mexico! Not my fault, yours! I plan on going on a cruise one day and I will be doing so much research! I'm doing research now for my UK trip which probably won't happen until 2009-2010! You can never know too much when planning a vacation :3

Passover is almost over, thank goodness! I've been craving an Apple Pan hickory burger! I know where I'm going once it's over! Matza and cream cheese is delicious but it gets boring!

I suppose that it's. I might get in the mood for spamming your f-list, so beware!
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