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Memories! I want to watch!

I was obsessed with this show!


One of my favorite old shows

Yes! I have this movie and the soundtrack and I blare this song with pride! With pride I say!


I was also very obsessed with this show, I named my cat after him!

Based on the fact that I have three icons from this show, it's easy to deduct that I love them ;)

I loved the movie too 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation', I have it! :D

Go go Power Rangers! Loved that show back when it was still cool haha. I always loved the Blue Ranger

I *loved* this show O__O

I also adored this show as a kid, go figure! :D

Heros in a half shell, turtle power! I want to see the movie

Just because this guy is awesome

This is also awesome, it has some themes that I didn't include. Heathcliff, completely forgot about that show!) Link in the Legend of Zelda show was so annoying Exccuuuuuuse me Princess!, and he had brown hair and not blond! I still loved the show. Beetlejuice, I loved that show. I hated that Ghostbusters show, the Real Ghostbusters was so much better.

I could do more but I won't :D

I want the new Entertainment Weekly but I can't find it!

Is there a community for enviromental\earth\etc icons?
Tags: childhood, movies, squee!!!, youtube
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