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Behind the cut are things mom and myself have gotten from Grandma's. We still have to go through the house but we will again when my relatives come back down in about a month (can't wait for that!).

Mom's getting this awesome lamp that we both have loved for a long time. She plans on painting it black and hanging it in the living room, which is a rusty red.

She also chose this penguin, you can't really tell it's a penguin in this shot. All stone works were made by Grandma

This awesome abstract is mom's

The swan is mom's and the owl is mine.

These Eastern European wooden eggs

The squirrel is mine

As is this freaky horse head she made as well

A close-up of some pearls I'm getting. Five strands braided together. Pearls are my birth 'stone' and I love these types

Jade beads and a jade necklace, I also have a jade keychain. Grandma liked jade

Lastly, this isn't mine but I hope it will be. Grandma made this as well as other beaded flowers in the house, a bunch!

I got tickets for Celtic Woman, I'm so excited!

Two kids from Illnois started the fire. They told their parents then called the cops when it started, I guess they panicked when they realized their stupidity was causing major damage! They lit firecrackers! Idiots, ugh! You can see some pictures of the fire here and here. An article here
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