Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Why is Sirius not wearing a shirt under his coat? Lucius Malfoy is smoking!
If you are going 'what?!', go to Leaky, new pictures! I'm going to look for the magazine tomorrow, must have it!

A serious post to come. Let me just say before I do post, I really appreciate having somebody in the family I'm close to -.-
Tags: fandom, harry potter, ootp movie

  • Depressing but not surprising

    Fuck you Maine I honestly can't work up the energy to be enraged over this. All I feel is depression.

  • alarming and not surprising

    Think Arctic sea ice melt is slowing down? Think again! This is alarming, sad, and not at all surprising.

  • NEWS! :D

    President Obama visits Buchenwald The president said he saw — reflected in the Nazi brutality against Jews and the other impounded outcasts —…

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