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The cover is here!

Oh my god! Did all of you see the new cover art!??!!? *gets excited all over again*
The art is so different then the others, Harry looks so grown up, even more so then in the HBP editions.

Large pictures behind the cut

American edition! I saw this one first, oh my goodness! Voldemort is on the cover! Think they are summening something? I also notice that they don't have their wands... What does Harry have around his neck? Omg, I'm so excited! I have to get the British editions, I still haven't gotten them!
Full size here

British edition! Will one of the Horcrux's be found in a Gringotts vault? Will Prongs ride again? I hope so :)
Also, yay trio! It makes me insanely happy to see the trio on the cover, I just want to bandage poor Harry's arm up ;p
Is that Nagini?
Full size here

Adult edition :)

That stupid poll isn't working so whatever. You can answer the questions in a comment if you wish.
Which edition do you like the most?
Are you imagining what will happen from the art?
Are you more excited then ever now?
Tags: deathly hallows, fandom, fangirl squee!!!, harry potter

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