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Yesterday was another good day. Parts of it were a little emotional but overall, it was good. Lots of laughs :)
We started cleaning out the house and going through her things. I found some old pictures of myself that I took. We also started dividing up the stone sculptures that she created. Adam and Elena ended up getting five while the rest of us would get two or three! I chose an owl I adore so much and a cute squirrel. I also asked for a creepy horse head she made from wood, mom hates it ;P
Ben took the cat I really like but I already knew from Monday that he wanted it and it's cool. Adam took the other cat, which I would loved to have gotten. They already chose four things so it wasn't really fair but whatever. Mom chose a penguin and a swan. Hehe, Ben also got this abstract thing that looks like a foot! Everybody thinks it looks like a fish but both us agree it looks like a giant foot!
So, Adam also took this really scary doll that Grandma kept in the den. We both hate that thing! It has a Howdy Doody\Pennywise\Satan feel to it. It had this horrible evil grin and these satanic yellow eyes! The only good thing about it was that it was dressed up in a Scottish Highland outfit. Even that can't make me like it, I hate that thing! Poor Ben does too and every time that Adam made it's head rotate he would hide his face in my shoulder, lol! Seriously, it would be standing across from us, plotting our doom! I should ask Adam if I can take a picture of it, I want to share the terror! O__O
So, I suppose it was from all the built up tension over the last few days, but Ben and I were so insanely giggly after dinner. He also made me do something I thought I'd never do again, watch American Idol! It was alright but I wanted to take Simon out and shoot him :)
Tomorrow I'll be there all day again. Ben wants to work on a tan, that's what he wants for his birthday. Silly. I do feel bad for him though, he had to cut his Florida vacation short...meaning he left five hours after arriving! It's also his Spring Break so if he wants a tan, then he can work on it. Good luck on that though, it's supposed to be cloudy and windy as hell! We'll work on getting a wind burn! Well, in any case, I'll join him. Won't work on a tan, though my arms will probably brown hah. I'll just keep him company and bring a book with me. Then later, he'll do my hair. I have no idea how to use a straightening iron though it looks easy. He uses one on the front of his hair so he'll do my hair for me.
Also had therapy today, mom dropped me off at the nearest bus stop so I can get there. Steve was so surprised on Monday. He said something about him never seeing me show love so openly and freely and also that he's never seen me just ease with somebody. He was happy that I had somebody I could be that way with. I'll freely admit I love my cousin, he's one of my closest friends. I don't get to see or talk to him as much as I'd like but we just click. You know how after a few months of not seeing somebody, even family, that it sometimes takes a bit to get back into the groove? Not us! We get right back in the groove and the only thing different is the catching up. It's a really nice feeling and I feel really blessed to have a relationship like that with him.
Enough emotional sap :D

I'm researching gyms and diets. I want to lose weight in the worst way but it's insanely hard for me. Yes, it's hard for everybody and I'm nothing special. Anybody have any suggestions or any links I can check out?

Ya know, I'm sure that after my relatives are gone and Passover is over and done with, I'll get hit by Grandma's death. I only cried once and that was during the funeral. I'm really weepy but it's not really for that, I'm just hormonal right now and I'm usually very sensitive to begin with.

On a totally unrelated note, on the bus ride back to where mom was to pick me up, there was an overweight woman who smelled like stale vomit. It was really bad, I felt a bit bad for her :(
Also, while mom and I were picking up dinner for everybody, this really rude woman was there. She kept saying her food was burned and the person would say 'we can make it again for you'. Well she tore open the fish and said it was so wasn't! Again, the guy said 'we'll make it again for you'. 'no! Just give me my damn money back!'
O_o Some people are so rude! Respect people!

Ah well, I suppose that wraps up this post! I have photos of Fred and George to post but I probably won't get to that until this weekend. I also changed my mood theme which shows an appropriate icon for this post and not of the last one ;)
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