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An update before bed (yes, it's nearly 5am here)

Yesterday was a busy day. I didn't get to sleep until nearly 6am so I guess mom couldn't wake me later. I woke up to find mom gone. I figured she went to Grandma's house and waited for her to call. Well she did, she had Adam and Elena (his wife) pick me up.
So I get to my grandma's house and my aunt, uncle, and cousin Dayna are there. I say hello to them and talk to Dayna a little bit (she's 19).
I watch a bit of Lucy and Dayna gets some food. I hear the door open and a voice I think I recognize but it wasn't until I heard him laughing that I realized it was my cousin Ben, who is my favorite cousin to be sure.
Well, I go into the kitchen and say 'I thought I heard you!'
He runs and tackles me in a huge hug that knocked the breath out of me. Now, let me get this straight; I am not a huggy touchy feely person. That said, I can't help but always hug him when I see him. After he glomped me (that was soooo a glomp hehe) I proceeded to hug him back, really happy to see him. I hardly ever see him, maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. We catch up and just talk.
After a bit he goes to lunch with his other aunt and his uncle. See, he had flown from Oregon to Florida to start his Spring Break but he had to fly back from Florida not even 24 hours later. I felt really bad for him.
After a hour or so, they come back and we talk some more. Now, while he was gone, some of Adam's friends (I had a crush on one when I was a kid haha) came by and they start laughing and joking around. That's fine with me, I have nothing against that.
Well, so later I'm joking with Ben and we're watching a video of my rats in the wheel on YouTube and we are rolling (not literally) and Adam asks to see me alone. He tells me that I should be ashamed of myself for laughing and joking around so much (hypocrite much?) and that Dad would be rolling in his grave if he saw me laughing and such not even 24 hours after Grandma died.
Well, Ben overheard this. Normally he's a very mild and mellow guy, but he laced into Adam. He said 'back off of Sara. You're allowed to laugh, better then going to pieces! So back off Adam'
Adam was gob smacked I think but his wife came by and dragged him away. I was a bit upset even though I knew Adam was being a hypocrite. Ben pulls me back in the room and tells me not to listen to him and that's it's okay to laugh. He hugs me and tells me that he loves me and that I'm one of his favorite cousins. Again, I don't do touch well or emotional things like that, but yeah, we hugged for a bit and just talked a bit longer.
Oh, he's 16 this week by the way, but he is so mature for his age. I am so freaking proud of him and all of his accomplishments. By the way, this is him in case you were wondering (that's Dayna also). He told me that if he ever records some more songs, he'll make sure to send me one. He once sang As Long As You're Mine with his friend, I hope he sings that again and records it, that would be brilliant

Well anyway, we got everything ready for the funeral which is Monday at 1pm. Mom was being pretty tactless but it just pops out of her mouth, I don't think she even realizes she's being rude.
At 9:30ish we leave and go home. Today we have to be there at 6pm and we have errands to do before then; go to the bakery, market, get something to wear for the funeral (my pants didn't fit, they were a bit big...yay!).
Ben will be singing at the funeral. He sang part of For Good (Wicked) at his other grandmother's funeral which I'm sure was lovely. I think he'll sing a Hebrew song at this funeral, I'm not sure. I'm sure that if I wasn't going to cry before then, I would probably start when he sings. Makes it more emotional you know?
Well, I suppose that's it. I hope to fall asleep sometime before dawn x__x
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