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The rats are seperated into two cages by sex. Of course, it's the same type of cage! I have four of these :B

I haven't gotten around to sewing the hammok yet. On the left is Fred (Gred) and on the right in George (Forge) and in the middle is an available boy :D

The below photos are girls

Boggling mummies. What's the point of a hammok when nearly the whole bunch pile into a small food dish?

Poor baby is squished

She's queen of the world!

She is showing off her queenly status. That's my keeper girl which doesn't have a name yet. Suggestions?

Yesterday, we (my family) helped my aunt put some of her stuff in the rat room. Thankfully there wasn't much so there's still plenty of room for rats if I decide to put them out there for whatever reason. The back of the room is piled with unused rat supplies; cages, bottles, dishes, igloos, etc.
Today I have a job interview with Starbucks. I hate the crap but a job's a job. I don't hate the bottled drinks you find in stores though, that stuff is good. Nothing beats Coffee Bean though!

Yesterday was Purim, a Jewish holiday where we celebrate the freedom of the Jews from Hamen (it seems we celebrate our freedom in many holidays!). In this we dress up like Halloween and get down and get funky! Seriously, it's a celebratory holiday. I don't do that though, I prefer Halloween. Anyway, you are supposed to take baskets of goodies to people and they do the same. We got a pretty good haul this year, many Purim cookies (omg those are so good), some nice Kedem grape juice, fruit, candy, other sweets, and we even got a bottle of White Riesling wine! Eee, I love that stuff!

I want this. :P

And now it's time for bed.
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