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memes and surveys and news OH MY!

So I decided to do some surveys (again) because I have a few new LJ friends.

I did these at 7 this morning and forgot to post them. I'm not going to bother redoing some of my answers.

What are you wearing? An old Beatles shirt and PJ bottoms...oh and my glasses
What are you drinking? Nothing but I'm going to make some coffee when I'm done with this
What are you eating? Nothing but I'll be having Cheerios soon
What are you listening to? Major Tom by Peter Schilling....80s!
What are you reading? Sorcerer's Stone, I'm working through the books a chapter a day :D

What was the last movie you watched? Um, haven't seen a movie in a long time. I think it was Da Vinci Code when we first got it on dvd
What was the last TV show you watched? My Futurama dvd
What was your last text message? Monsie laughing at me
What was your last sent text message? 'MWAHAHAHAHA'...yes that was the text

Who did you call last? Nobody, I rarely call people
Who was your last incoming call from? Somebody about rats
Who was your last missed call from? My friend Hilloah
What was the last thing you bought? A drink from Coffee Bean...or if you want material; I renewed my National Geographic subscription

1. Are you wearing shoes?: Nope!
2. Whats the third letter in your name?: r
3. How old is your pet(s)?: Various ages.
4. What color is your backpack? Blue and black
5. Are you sick? Nah, just some mild allergies
6. Where do you go to school?: Nowhere right now
7. Is the bathroom open?: Um, sure I guess O.o
8. Are you on a laptop?: Desktop
9. Are you watching MTV?: I hate Mtv
10. Are you smiling?: Nope, I'm actually pursing my lips to try to get my glasses to go higher on my nose. Too lazy to raise them with my hands :P
11. Do you have on eyeliner?: I don't even think I own eyeliner!
12. Is it early?: No, it's late. I still need to go to sleep! It's ten past 7
13. Are you blonde?: Nah, brunette
14. Do you have a myspace?: Yes but I hardly use it
15. Are you in high school? No, thank goodness
16. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No :(
17. What is your favorite name?: Daniel, I've loved that name since I was a kid
19. What color is your bathing suit?: Don't have a bathing suit, I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing one
20. Does your school start in august?: Nope, trying to enroll in summer classes
21. Did you go on vacation last month?: No, but I went in November!
22. Have you ever been on a cruise?: Yes, I count my ferry ride from Washington to Canada to be a cruise ;)
23. Do you have a sister?: I have a soul sister :)
24. Are you upstairs? We don't have an upstairs
26. Do you have a friend named allie?:
27. Does your name end with a Y?: Nope
28. What was the last thing you said?: OOoo ickle babies! (I was talking to the rats
29. Are your ears pierced?: Yes but they're closed up
30. Do you own a digital camera?: I own's dead but the other two work. A Canon Rebel EOS and a Canon PowerShot SD550
31. Do you live in florida?: Eew, no. Haha, sorry Jessi ;)
32. Do you like florida?: I like visiting Winter or Spring
33. Ever had sushi?: Yes...ick
34. Are you listening to rock at the moment?: Nope, right now 'He Lives In Your' from Lion King is playin! YAY!
35. What color is your chair? Steel grey
36. Where'd you get your pants?: Mostly Avenue's
37. Do you type with your feet? I've never tried
39. Are you tired? I'm bloody exhausted but I can't sleep
40. Do YoU wRiTe LiKe ThIs?: Only in a mocking term
42. Do you like being in relationships? I wouldn't know...but I'd like to know
44. Are you "Fake" at times?: I keep hidden some parts of my personality but I don't consider that 'fake'
45. Is Alcohol Bad for the Soul?: No, but drink in moderation
46. Are you bored? Not really, too tired to be bored
47. What time is it?: 7:21am
49. Chocolate or peanut butter?: Chocolate...but Reese's Peanut-butter cups are good!
50. How many kids would you like?: If I have kids...2 or 3
51. Own a necklace?: A couple. Now the real question is; do I wear them? Hardly!
52. What is your computer's brand?: Compaq
53. CDs or Cassette?: iPod :D
54. Ever been through or to Detroit?: Yessum
55. Seen all of the American Pies? The last one I saw was American there one after that?
56. Been to the movie theatre the past month?: No, last movie I saw was on New Years Eve...Night At The Museum!
57. Like someone? Like in 'that' way? Nobody I know personally!
58. Ever been on a plane? Loads of times. I've been on jumbo jets and small puddle jumpers!
59. Been to a concert in the past month? No but if I have my way, I'll be seeing The Police when they come to town
60. What color is your toothbrush? Green but I need to get a new one

9 lasts:
Last dollar spent: Friday at Coffee Bean
Last cigarette: ew
Last beverage: Sierra Mist
Last movie: Da Vinci Code
Last phone: Somebody calling for rats
Last song played: I'm playing stuff right now but the song previous to this one (Weird Al) was 'If God Will Send His Angels' by U2
Last bubble bath: Years and years
Last time you cried: A few hour ago, just a few sniffles
Last thing you ate: Pizza

8 have you evers.
Have you ever dated a best friend: Yes, for like...a week before we realized that we're more compatible as friends
Have you ever skinny dipped: In the privacy of my hot tube
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Yeah, when they gave me a nasty look and said 'in your dreams'. People are nice huh?
Have you ever lost someone you loved: My dad
Have you ever been dumped: NopeNo, I never drink enough to get drunk. Worst I've gotten was a little giddy and hot</i>
Have you ever ran away: Haha yea, to the end of the block. They never knew :P
Have you ever wanted someone you couldnt have: Would you call me a liar if I said no? HAH! Anyway, that's a big yes!
Then found out they liked you: Well, the a person I wanted that I actually knew found out. He said to me 'you think I would go with somebody looking like you?'

7 states you've been to. I shall not count my own state which is CA
2) Oregon
3) New York
4) Illinois
5) Washington
6) Florida
7) Pennsylvania

6 things you've done today: (I'll count yesterday since it's only 7am)
1) watched Futurama
2) played Sims 2
3) read
4) Drove to Ralphs for milk
5) filled out job applications
6) txt'd Monsie

5 of your favorite things in no order.
1) music
2) animals
3) reading
4) friends
5) being a geek

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to in no order..
1) Monsie
2) Lesley
3) Lee
4) Mom

3 things that make you smile.
1) Monsie (she might not be a thing but she's Ms Thing!)
2) music
3) reading

2 things you want to do before you die.
1) fall in love
2) travel all over the world

1 thing you can't live without.
1) music
This one is new!

Are YOU housebroken?
Take this survey to see how good your manners REALLY are!

{x] all that apply.
At the end, post with: I'm ___% Housebroken.

1. [ ] I never put my elbows on the table during mealtime.
2. [ ] Drinking after someone is unsanitary.
3. [x] I ALWAYS flush the toilet.
4. [ ] I bathe every day.
5. [x] I hold the door for people entering a building behind me.
6. [ ] I pray, even for my enemies.
7. [ ] Every reply from me to an adult includes 'ma'am' or 'sir'.
8. [x] I chew with my mouth closed.
9. [x] I dispose of gum the proper way: into the trashcan.
10.[x] I raise my hand to speak in class.
Total so far: 5

11. [ ] Guys should call the girls first.
12. [ ] I've never been grounded.
13. [x] I say 'Excuse Me' after I burp.
14. [x] I've never smoked.
15. [ ] I've never drank.
16. [ ] I wash clothes in between each time I wear them.
17. [x] Deodorant is MANDATORY.
18. [x] After any kind of competition, I always congratulate my opponents for their triumphs.
19. [ ] My parents spanked me as a child.
Total so far: 4

20. [ ] I got to church regularly.
21. [ ] My school says the pledge daily.
22. [x] After vomiting, I will clean up my own puke.
23. [x] My car doors are ALWAYS locked.
24. [ ] I carry pepper-spray in my bag.
25. [ ] I take responsibility for my actions.
26. [ ] I only date potential material for marriage.
27. [x] I brush my teeth 2x or more daily.
28. [x] I wear black to funerals as a sign of respect.
29. [x] I don't wear hats inside buildings.
30. [x] Holey jeans are trashy.
Total so far: 10

31. [ ] Bra straps showing are not a good fashion exploit.
32. [x] My homework is turned in on time.
33. [ ] I do not skip school.
34. [x] I feed my pets.
35. [x] I help my family bring in the groceries after we've been shopping for them.
36. [x] I'm all for helping a lil' old lady in need across the street.
37. [ ] I have a curfew.
38. [ ] Thongs are gross.
39. [x] I've never spit in someone else's drink/food.
40. [x] I know how to ride a bike.
Total so far: 16

41. [ ] I don't write notes in Study Hall.
42. [ ] I'm on the computer no longer than one hour most days.
43. [ ] Feet do not belong on the furniture.
44. [x] Pads/Tampons should always be disposed of properly.
45. [x] I have 'family time' atleast once a week.
46. [x] I don't text in the middle of class.
47. [x] I'm feeling postively at how this survey will turn out.
48. [x] I try not to interrupt when others are talking.
49. [ ] I make my bed daily.
50. [x] I give credit where credits due.
Total: 22

multiply answer by two
I'm 44% Housebroken :x

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