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I don't want to dream about THAT tonight O___O

Shot this today.

Also, the new photos of Dan freak me out. He's so completely in character in these photos that I don't see Dan in them, I see Alan Strang 100% One picture in particular makes him look utterly deranged. When\if I see this I will no trouble seperating actor from character. By the nude scene I probably won't even go 'ooo, I'm about to see Dan naked!'. Takes a good actor to make somebody see his character and not him even in just a still photo. There is no Dan in these pictures, just a scary mutha who has a crazy religious erotic obsession with horses.
You can check them all out here. Pictures 33, 35, 39, and 40 scare me the most. Eeek!

Let's have a nice picture of him to scrub the scary pictures from our head. Now there's the Dan I adore!
Tags: dan radcliffe, equus, omgwtfbbq, rats, videos, youtube
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