Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I am one crazy mutha

Sara: omg
Sara: I had a dream
Sara: I was married to Hugh Grant
Sara: don't ask...though he does have a sexy accent and lovely eyes
Sara: anyway
Sara: so we got a new neighbor
Monsie y: ROfllllllllllllllll
Sara: and guess who was their son?
Sara: you guessed it!
Sara: Urkle!
Sara: I'm serious
Monsie y: o.o
Monsie y: LOL
Sara: so after a few days of Urklesness
Sara: with his horrible voice
Sara: I took an ax
Sara: and chopped off his head
Sara: Office Radcliffe (yup) came by to arrest me
Sara: and was charmed by my feminine wiles
Sara: I divorced Hugh and ran off with the Officer
Sara: he mounted his trusty steed
Sara: his faithful donkey
Sara: and we rode it into the sunset
Sara: and I woke up
Sara: and wondered if I drank the night before
Sara: it was a great dream
Sara: except for Urkle
Sara: that sucked
Sara: XD
Monsie y: uhm yes

I have dreams like that all the time! I used to have a recurring dream that Pinhead was chasing me. It never really scared me but it was interesting ;)
Copy\pasted conversation because I'm too lazy to properly type up my dream.

Check out my silly doodle! Did it in two minutes. By Ron is a broom (not a bomb), Harry a Snitch, and Hermione a cat. I used a silver marker pen and fixed it up. That's me doodling while slightly tipsy from a drink from Islands. I could have made a better doodle but I couldn't be bothered ;p

Now I am going to bed before my head falls off and rolls across the floor.
Tags: conversations, dreams, fish tales, friends, i'm a nerd, my art, omgwtfbbq!
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