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Photo post!

A photo post!

The other day my neighbor brought her dog and her friend's dog over to play with Heidi. Louie is a golden retriever and the other dog is a rottweiler, they all got along splendid.

Every day I've been lying down for about a hour on the bed with the ratlets, letting them toddle around the bed if they choose. They usually sniff the air and all crawl to me in that adorable 2 week old way baby rats have. Then they would pile against me and sleep, so cute!

I sent out the Valentine's Day card for the Potter Valentine's Day card exchange on Saturday, hopefully she'll get it in time. Pictures for the card are here and here. I'm very proud of it.

Photos of the rats behind the cut!

Wee little baby!

A baby rat glare

She's posing...or she's constipated ;)


Smoosh face!

You can see these babies are two different colors. Two are beige I think and the others might be russian fawn


Baby checking out the cat who was sleeping

From the other litter (Impa's), an agouti!

You can see the difference between the dumbo (back) and topear (front)


Catching zzzz's

All these photos were taken Saturday night so all eyes are open now.

Not a great photo but you can see color differences.
Tags: 2007 litters, fandom, rat breeding, rat photos
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