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Grandma came home from the hospital today. She's not better but she was super depressed in the hospital. So she's home in a hospital bed with her feeding tube and IVs. Maybe being back home will perk her up, plus, it looks like she may not last long and she would rather pass on at home.

So my mom and I come by with dinner; chicken, rice, corn, and fish. We go in and prepare for Grandma and everybody else. I set the table and all that. They come home and my mom and Uncle get into a tiff. Well, not really. My mom asks something and my uncle responds in his usual 'I know best' tone of voice. He didn't mean anything offensive by it, it's just how he is. So my mom gets mad, very mad. She says 'I'm going home, you can come with, I don't care' and walks out the door. I follow her and so does my brother. He keeps trying to talk her out of going and she eventually gets out of the car and starts walking. He goes after her. Before that happened, after five minutes of them arguing about mom being immature, selfish, blah blah, I tell Adam to just let her go. He thinks she'll back down, she won't. But by that time she starts walking. I go back in the house and I'm confronted by my Uncle. He's being his normal self but I let it slide over me. I know he isn't being offensive on purpose. I then go to my sister-in-law and we start walking too. Then we decide to walk back and get the car. We catch up with Adam and mom and we tell mom we'll drive her home and I'll take the SUV home later.
So we take her home and then go back to Grandma's. My aunt sits my brother, sister-in-law, and myself down in the living room (uncle went to Rite Aid). She laces into my brother for being immature...she also says my uncle is immature. She proclaims that the only person acting mature (herself included) is me.
So then she gets my uncle in and there's an argument, blah blah. Both thought the other was wrong and such. At this point I'm fed up and go 'just let it go!', my aunt agrees.
So none of us eat, I don't have an appetite and the others either don't or they are busy. I help my uncle with some stuff, then my aunt and I put some of the food in plates for them to keep. I take the rest home.
I drive home with Adam, my sister-in-law is following. That's that.

The only important thing is Grandma and people need to stop acting like divas. I was a bit angry too but I was more worried about mom. I was angry at her for being so stupid as to walk home, nearly two miles I believe. After her adrenaline wore off she would be in bad shape. I got fairly nauseas from the drama and had those emotional shakes I hate so much.

So this post isn't all bad, I'm seeing Wicked (again) Thursday! Also, read my last post please!
Tags: adam, drama, family, grandma, mom, wicked
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