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I need a bit of help

I signed up for the Potter Valentine's Day exchange and I just finished writing my card on some scrap paper. I had mom read it but she thought it wasn't good, I want the opinion of people that actually read\write slash. Especially Drarry but that isn't a requirement. This is a letter from Draco to Harry and it's supposed to be Draco confessing his feelings. Any tips or corrections you think are needed are welcome. I need to send this out tomorrow so I really need this read (last minute I know!)
This is public in case I forgot to add somebody to my fandom filter.


Please do not throw this letter away, at least until you read it.
I could spout mindless dribble about my feelings towards you but I am not a Hufflepuff. Instead, I will just come out and say it; I love you. Shocking I know, the Slytherin Ice Prince being in love with the Gryffindor Golden Boy, or as you are now known; the Chosen One.
Believe me, I didn't plan for this and tried to fight it, I tried that age old friend named Denial and thought for sure I was under the effects of a love potion. I finally accepted my feelings towards you and decided to tell you. I just hope this doesn't make you run screaming for the hills.
I think my loathing for you started changing during the First Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament; seeing you fly against a dragon with such grace left me in awe. Of course I was jealous that had the skills to out fly a dragon but eventually it turned into grudging respect. Of course it was not love, I was fourteen for Merlin's sake!
I think it turned to love the summer before our Sixth Year. I was torn between loyalty to my family and my Slytherin senses that said that joining that monster was not a good idea. Of course, my family loyalty won out but now I regret it. I could not kill Dumbledore as you probably know so I am a failure in the Dark Lord's eyes and I am afraid my life is forfeit if they catch me.
I want to apologize for trying to use an Unforgivable on you. That reminds me, what was that spell you used on me? It could be useful in the future but next time do not use it on me, I might get a scar you prat!

In closing, I would like to help you in the fight against the Dark Lord. I do not know what your quest entails but I am sure you can use all the help you can get. I understand that you do not trust me but I would like to change that. If you want to give us a shot to be friends or even something more meet me at the Shrieking Shack. The password so I know it is you is Ferret Face.

(what should I use here?)
Draco Malfoy

PS---Do not laugh at my password!

Also, Get Fuzzy!
That's like...the third time they had a HP comic :3

Lastly, JK Rowling talks about the last book...and....Neville!

Hmmmm, wish he wouldn't wear jammies under that robe.
Why is he in a bathrobe and pajama's in Snape's class? Brings forth all sorts of ideas of the Snarry kind ;p
Wait, is he in Snape's class? I see all those ingredients but...there's a window. Dungeons don't usually have windows! *brain explodes from confusion*
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