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I love Gaelic music

Finally uploaded some photos of the two litters. I have a few but these are the recent pictures, as of last night. Imp's litter is eight days ten days old and Luna's litter is eleven days old.

Imp(a), a russian point siamese. I moved both litters into that cage today.

Some of her babies, she has black and agouti babies.

Some of them are dumbos and some are not.

Luna, a russian platinum berkshire

Poor Luna was exhausted after nursing. This is when she was still in the tank

She woke up :3

Now she's bruxing

The babies Saturday night. I have some more photos of Spencer with the babies but I haven't uploaded them yet. He's sleeping there

Taken the same night, I love it when they go limp in your hand from being asleep

Some of the light babies. I think I have russian platinums and maybe a russian fawn

Shiny happy babies

Minks most likely...and a black baby. All dumbo.

JK Rowling talks about Deathly Hallows. I'm still wibbling over the fact that it'll be all over in half a year D:
My icon says it all.

My grandmother had a feeding tube put in yesterday, through the nose. Later on she took it out so they had to sedate her again and last I heard, they were going to put another one in. I haven't been there in a few days since I think I caught something from the hospital (ick). I haven't been able to fall asleep from it so I'm still awake at nearly 8 in the morning. I was supposed to go to work with mom today but I highly doubt that'll happen. I'm going to be selling some of my stuff, I'm broke and need money. I'll sell things I don't use anymore. In a perfect world I could raise money to go to one of the HP conventions or see a certain play. The world isn't perfect though, I'll probably just get enough money to play for school books since mom won't help with that.
My aunt was cleaning out her closet and found some shoes she can't wear due to them being the wrong size, they're my size though so I have four pairs of Vans. Some of them are nice but some are fugly. Ah well, comfortable shoes are comfortable shoes. I'm sure I can wear Tweety Bird yellow shoes sometime! ;p

Sorry I'm taking a bit on commenting in some of your entries, I haven't been keeping up with my f-list as well as I should. I shall catch up soon enough!

I might do a news post later, some interesting stuff in the news!

Last thing, has anybody noticed that the Bloody Baron in Philsopher's Stone (movie) looks like Captain Hook?
Bloody Baron
I know it's the wig ;p
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