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Reply to this and I will...
1)Tell you why I friended you.
2)Associate you with a song/movie.
3)Tell a random fact about you.
4)Tell my first memory of you.
5)Associate you with an animal/fruit.
6)Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7)In return, you MUST spread this disease in your lj.

I've done it before but I must spread the virus.

Sorry I didn't get pictures up yesterday, I spent all evening in the hospital visiting my grandmother. She's doing the same, not better but not worse. My aunt came down from Oregon to see my grandma (the aunt is the daughter). I'm burning some cds for my cousin, who is my most favorite cousin.
I find it funny that I'm closer to the younger of the two kids. My female cousin is...18 or 19 but she's closer to my brother. I'm closer to my 16 year old male cousin Ben. I don't mind though, we have so much in common and he's a great person.

Will get photos up TODAY *nods head*
Tags: family, grandma, memes
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