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good and bad leaves me feeling torn

Luna had her babies today, between 2-3pm. I haven't counted them yet, I'll do that later tonight. Squeakers!

My art piece by gredandfeorge came in the mail today! It's even more beautiful then I thought!

Rome's Palatine Hill shows treasure
Now this is very interesting!

California bans dirty power sources

At 114, US resident becomes world's oldest person

look what I found!
I found it googling my dad's name.

Article on my dad
I also found this. Next month it'll be four years, I miss my dad. I think he would be dissapointed in me which makes me very sad. Of course, at the same time he would have supported me and tried to help me in any way he can, my dad was a wonderful man

My aunt gave orders to the hospital that if Grandma goes into cardiac arrest to not resusetate her, Grandma wouldn't want to live in the hospital and that's basically what's happening. She's been in the hospital nearly a month over the last four three months (at different times). Plus they could seriously injure her if they try to do that. *sigh*
Tags: commission art, dad, enviornment, fan art, grandma, news articles, rat breeding
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