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*crawls out from under rock*

Hello all!

I've been a bit busy this week. I went to work with mom a few times this week and had a few job interviews and doctor's appointments. I also went to the hair salon, I adore my hair stylist, she hails from the London area and she has such a great sense of humor. She keeps trying to hook me up with a customer who studies being a Jedi. I'm too shy to do anything about it which is stupid of me because he's freaking hot (and supposedly nice). Blue hair and brown eyes and kinda pale with the flushed cheeks I find some alluring on guys. What did I get done there you might be wondering? I got my hair cut! Yes I did. I love my hair long and wanted to keep it growing but I wanted the part of my hair that qualifies as 'bangs' to go to my chin and frame my face, Cate (hair girl), said that she needed to equalize my back hair (it had various lengths). So she took three inches off the back which is okay because I had 13 inch hair at it's longest. So now I have a little bit of hair framing my face, that plus the glasses makes me look kinda cute if I can look honestly at myself ;)
I didn't get it dyed despite what it may look like in the pictures. That's from a previous dye job and the shampoo she uses just brings it all out. I love my hair when it's in peak condition.
Okay I'll stop being vain now :)

My girls are due this week, both ladies! Luna is due a day earlier then Impa (Imp) but who knows, Imp can have the babies first. Right now they are housed together but I'll separate them when needed until the babies get their coats in. Both parents from both pregnancies have genetics that can produce similar babies and I don't want to mix up the litters. Once they have their coats and colors I'll put the mamas together like I used to do so they can share nipples. Of course I'll only do this if it looks like it'll be safe. I've never had a problem with mamas being housed together but that's probably because I was careful in making sure the mamas were friends and mellow.
When Hamlet was alive I put her with the mamas after the babies were a week and a half old. Hamlet was never a mom because she was a pet store rat but she was such a great girl, I wanted my babies to be brought up around her. All my most friendliest litters were raised around Hamlet. Litters that produced ratties like Starbucks (and her daughter Fuzz), Algee and Coffee, etc. It was a combination of the parent's wonderful temperament and Hamlet's awesomeness. There are days I miss Hamlet terribly, she was the best rat I could have ever asked for, she was also my first rat and she's the rat in the icon I'm using.
Anyway, so yes, the girls are due this week. Expecting siamese of the russian and seal variety, fawn and russian fawn, russian platinum, and black. Maybe a hairless and also lots of little dumbos. Have homes lined up for babies and I'm planning on keeping a baby or two. I can't wait to have peeping babies again, it's been so long!

I really wanted to get the position at the library nearby but it was filled when I called after my interview nearly two weeks ago! That sucks, libraries are quiet and I like the quiet! Libraries have books and I like books ;)
Ah well.

My aunt has to be out of her apartment by..I believe March so she's having me try to sell her scary clowns from the 70s. Each clown was handmade and I believe they are one of a kind. They are still scary and I hate them. Mom put them in my room one morning to remind me to photograph them and I woke up and saw them starting at me with their scary clown eyes. The only clown I like is Krusty...and Pennywise is a great villain but he also freaks me out ;0)
The clowns are still in my room but I put a blanket over them. Ick.

My best friend is moving away next week and I hope to see her at least once more before she goes (not including if I get over there to help them load the truck). She'll be moving to a mountainous area of northern Arizona, lucky girl. I would love to move. One day I will.

New photo of Dan!. I love this picture and you can find the full sized version over at Leaky Cauldron or Mugglenet. Also a short review of OotP from USA Today. :D

I like it :3

Luna on the left and Impa on the right

Luna shows off her belly in a nice stretch

Doesn't like being held up that much so she squirmed

I'm out of hammocks and the timber hide-aways got really funky as did the igloos. I went to the pet store today to restock but these photos were taken last night, hence why the cage is fairly bare :p

This cage actually doesn't come with levels but I took a wire level from a ferret cage and hooked it up, it's a ramp since it is too long to go straight across. Right now I'm cleaning a leap-n-ledge to hook up :)

They enjoyed licking the remainder of the ice cream out of the carton before turning it into a cave

Awww, miss Impa's sweet face. I just call her Imp..Impa is from Zelda


She has a beautiful russian point



New mood theme.

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