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many photos!

Harry! He's a small male but he's very fat so it's okay :P

He's actually a little bigger then how he looks here.


Lee (and Harry). Lee's named after Lee Jordon from the books.

He's so shiny!

Hehe you can see Harry in the back and you can also see the reason for his name ;3

Letting it all hang out!

Ooooo, shiny!


He's been rolling in gold dust it looks like

My handsome Spencer...

...who needs a bath

He saw the rats on my bed

Spencer and me

Heidi is so lazy

Miss Toenails needs to go to the groomers


My friend imonsie made one of the pictures into an icon! *points* I feel special :P

I'm required to go to my brother's birthday party. When? Sunday! Why is this so terrible? His birthday actually is Sunday and that's also the day of the Superbowl! Ack! I'll make an appearance then leave, I do not want to be around a large group of people liking that stupid sport. Give me real football anyday :D

THere was ice on the sidewalk this morning! ICE! I was happy. The grass also had a teeny bit of white which I'm sure is from the dew freezing. I ran in to get my camera and by the time I put the card in and ran outside, it was all melted. *growls*
According to my mom, it got down to 10 where my aunt lives! Wow.
Tags: adam, cat photos, friends, me, photography, rat photos, spencer, weather
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