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This is why I will be taking computer graphics classes very soon

Made a new journal layout, not happy with it ;p

I don't like the two white spaces on either side of the banner but I can't make it wider, it'll distort it! I do like the color theme, it matches Harry's shirt :3
I want this thing fixed but I just don't have the skills! I want those white spaces gone for one thing and I would love if my journal was one of those things where you can scroll all but the header, no matter how far down you go, you see the header. I've n journals like that, I would love that! I also don't like the whole stretched look of my journal. My previous layout (the Dan one) had a nice look, not stretched. That isn't a big deal though, the other two are my major issues.

I'm also fighting with my Paint Shop and Photo Shop to crop my image so I can make nice icons. I can crop the picture, but then you can't see the details! It's driving me mad!!! I feel better about my crappy graphics skills by looking at the icon I made the other day (the one I am using). I'm pleased with it. Then again, all I did was crop and add a border...and for some reason you can SEE the picture! Major props to whoever recognizes it!
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