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Winter Solstice is today

It came with a bang here in Los Angeles, winds galore! According to the radio, over 15,000 without power! Or was it 50,000? I forget. Anyway, we were one of those without power! We were without power from 9-10this morning to about two hours ago. We're lucky, DWP said we might be in the dark until 2am! The winds were so extreme today, well not as extreme as many places but for LA it was pretty wild. Branches were blown off of course, but some cars got blown off the Pasadena freeway (they were driving weirdly so I guess that helped the wind blow them off). Actually it was probably only one car, I dunno. I just heard one confirmed story. Mom and I went to the bakery, the line was just aweful. So I went to the post office to send a friend a little gift that just screamed her name. You'll know it's you when you get it, I couldn't get a card in but you already got one from me!
Anyway, so on the way to the post office a huge gust came up and I almost got knocked on my arse! It was wild today. I could see clearly in so many directions, it was just gorgeous! Rain and wind cleans up this city beautifully. I saw Mt. Wilson clearly, Downtown, the Hollywood Sign was clearer then usual, and I could see the mountains beyond Mt. Wilson. All this from my front lawn, don't get me started on the views from parts of Olympic! We also went to Aarons Brothers because the frames I got last night were too small for the gift I gave Adam and his wife. I printed two pictures for him and had them framed. He liked them, they both did. You can find the two photos I printed here, the titles are White Foam and Green Road. I need to upload more of my photos to that but that's basically where I'll put all my really good stuff. I'll still use my photo journal. Anyway, then we headed to the market and then Coffee Bean (yum).

Power was still out so I read my book on mythology (huge thing!) and took a nap with my Spencer. It got too dark to do much, we light Chanukah and Sabbath candles and then put a fire in the fire place and put candles around the kitchen and living room. Also the dinging room.

Company came over, twas fun.

bellelvsbeast, I got your card! Thank you :D
Tags: friends, holidays, los angeles, random, weather
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