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I am at a loss for words!!

Actually, if that were true I couldn't rave and just plain squeal over this! I never mentioned this but I commissioned two pieces of work from two people. One of them I won't mention until that commission is done and the other is from the very talented gredandfeorge who I recently discovered (as in, the last three months or so).
I am so excited, I got an email from Chantelle (G&F) who told me that my piece is done! It is beyond amazing! It's watercolor and I'll be getting the original painting. I shall be framing it and putting it on my wall!

Isn't that just amazing!? It's Harry (dur) with Fawkes and Hedwig, my favorite birds of the series. Actually my favorite pets though I don't consider Fawkes to be a pet. I also adore Buckbeak but...I'll get something commissioned with him some other time. As for Hedwig, she's like a cat, she graces you with her presence but, like a cat, she has a deep bond with him. I've always enjoyed reading about Harry's relationship with Hedwig and Fawkes. Both canon and fanon, it always intrigues me. I see him as having the same relationship with Hedwig as I did with Hamlet (rat), a deep bond that goes deep. I've always adored Fawkes and seeing him taking a liking to Harry intrigued me. I've always enjoyed reading stories where Fawkes bonds to Harry after Dumbledore dies.

Well anyway, gredandfeorge painted this and I can't express my thanks for such a beautiful piece of art. Now I just need icons made *nudges some of you* Please? With a cherry on top? I could crop and such but it won't come out nicely. Pweease?
Tags: commission art, fanart, fandom, harry potter, squee!!!
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