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I really like Scrooge McDuck

Spencer is so smart. This happened a little over a hour ago but I was making a Spencer icon and uploading the photos so now I'm just getting to posting it!

Spencer wanted to go out of my room badly but I wasn't complying with his wishes. He jumps on my bed and goes on his hind legs with the help of the wall. He leans over to the doorknob and starts shaking it with his paws and it pops open! He trots out with his tail held high, proud of his accompllisment I'm sure :)
Silly guy, well I'll give him the run of the house and then bring him back in when I'm ready for bed.

I thought you all would get a kick out of that!

Silly boy

I went out of the room for five minutes and when I came back...

Zoe's coat is coming in so thick this winter! She is incredibly soft

There's some people I know that claims she's ugly. Maybe I'm biased because she's my kitty but I think she's adorable. Also beautiful!

I love that patch on her lip. She also has a bib like patch on her chest!

Also, these three videos!


This one was taken in New York, a friend we made!

That said, I want Duck Tales Season One. Maybe I can beg my brother to get it for me for Chanukah.
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