Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Guess where I am posting from!

My spanking new computer! My modem is messed up I think. My phone line was working, my bill was paid, etc etc but the 'internet' light on my modem wasn't on. I tried using my mom's modem and that works! Only downside is the ethernet cable pops out really easily. I'll call Yahoo today and tell them, I better not need a new one, it's brand new!

Anyway. Did I mention that I only have one white mouse left? Yep, and I put her in with the black mice yesterday. A little squeaking later and they are buddies, running the wheel together. I decided that I was sick of referring the black mice as 'Mouse' and 'Company' so I changed their names and gave the white mouse a name. Since they are girls, their names are Brittany (white), Eleanor (smaller black), and Jeanette (bigger black). I will give anybody who recognizes the names cookies!

I like this layout but I don't like the color and I need a darn header! Now that I'm on a desktop, with a normal keyboard, I'll be able to get on to changing it!

Zelda: Twilight Princess is so freaking awesome! No video game character should look so shaggable! Er, that's not why it's great though, it's just so wonderful! I mailed most of my holiday cards on Friday so you should all get them now! Some cards I will be mailing tomorrow, well today actually.

Mom got a new cell phone which I've been playing with. It's so cute and has all sorts of gadgets. I downloaded the Looney Tunes theme for her ringtone, she refuses to pay for any more. Oh, that reminds me. There's this site that takes a song you upload from your computer and sends it to your cell phone free...or free after a signup fee (I forget). Anybody know it? I lost that bookmark so many months ago and I want to send a theater song to my phone!
Tags: computer, gaming, holidays, lj, mice
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