Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Don't you know I'm white and nerdy?

Playing around with my layout. I need a new journal header and I need to remember how to add it to my journal. I probably won't keep this layout, it isn't my favorite type of green.

Update on Grandma. Last night she got out of the hospital bed, either to try and leave or go to the loo. She fell, that's the third time in 24 hours that she fell, so they restrained her to the bed and gave her sedatives.
We found out that she ate two whole boxes of See's chocolates and coffee two days ago. A whole box is a pound, she had two pounds of chocolate! That obviously messed up her body chemicals.

I took my Dell to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad transfer all my files from the hard drive onto my new computer, I'm freaked out that the music will be lost though the odds of that are slim. I made disks of my photos and also put them on a flash drive. Also my fan fiction list which I've been working for months on. The only thing I couldn't do was backup my music to a disk since I have 18.5GB of music!

I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Mom is in the valley doing errands so I was in charge of the cooking. Mom's the cliche Jewish mother, it's just her, the Rabbi, and myself and she had me cook turkey and london broil! Plus rice, egg salad, potatoes, and fish! Mom dropped me off at the bakery before heading to the valley so I could pick up jelly donuts (it's a Chanukah thing) and a diabetic cake for the Rabbi. I headed back home and started the dinner.
I'm done now, thankfully the meat was pre-cooked so I didn't have to BBQ.

Ah, I just got a call from Best Buy, my computers are finished :D :D :D
I shall pick it up tomorrow!
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