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update and the rest of my day

Some of you are under the impression that this is my normal therapist. It isn't, my normal therapist might be a butthead sometimes but he isn't like that. Mom and I had an appointment with her to see if she could hook me up with some groups that would help me, it was a meeting that mom and I were expected at, I just saw her alone first.
She's still a real piece of work.

Anyway, my day got a bit better. I think mom understands that I never said those things, I overheard her talking to her sister about maybe lodging a complaint against this woman. Good!

We went home and stayed there for a bit. Then we went to the post office to get stamps and to mail something to good ol' England. After that we went to Adam's apartment to walk his dog since he wouldn't be home until 9pm for reasons I'll mention in a minute. After that we headed to my therapist, I could have gone alone but we had errands to run afterwords, so mom went to Borders while I went to my therapist. After that, we went to Best Buy for computer hunting. I got a new computer! I don't have it yet, the Geek Squad (lol) will install my anti-stuff software. Tomorrow or Sunday I'll take in my Dell tower to get all my files (music and pictures) transferred to that hard drive. Then we'll wipe my Dell and mom will take it.
I got a was between a top of the line Compaq or a middle of the line HP and though I looooove HP, Compaqs are also really good computers..they are also owned by HP (or so I heard). I got a top of the line for a good deal, it seems like a good computer! Got a two year warranty. Said because my Dell is only three years old and it's crap...well..such is Dell. You are either somebody that swears by them or you are like me in hating the brand. I also looked at Gateway but I know about HP and Compaqs, they're workhorses :D
Mom got me my Chanukah present, a new printer! That is an HP, they have good printers. I got a scanner\printer and it has that card reader for camera printing. My Dell printer is crap, the only thing that works on it is my scanner! I'm so excited, I can't wait to put some of my more questionable files onto a disc and then delete them. I'm afraid of losing my music and pictures, I won't right!? The guy said I won't, I just want more re-assurance!

What else...also picked up Hercules, been wanting it forever and I keep forgetting to get it! Also got another Beatles album...yay!

After that we went to Apple Pan! Anybody from LA that doesn't know Apple Pan gets my sympathy ;p now back to bad stuff. My grandma is in the hospital, she fell twice today. She's also talking to my grandfather, my dad, and my cousins who live in Oregon. Basically..she thinks dead people and people in another state are there with her. I understand talking to your dead son or husband about things...but she thinks they are there. That's not good. So, yes, she's in the hospital.

We're having company tomorrow. I have to cook because mom will be out all day, I'll make chicken and potatoes and something else. A really nice Rabbi we've known for years will be over because his wife is in New York visiting kids. It'll be nice to see him :D
I should drop hints to Adam about getting me the latest Three's Company dvd :P

So basically my day sucked and rocked...especially since mom and I seem okay now. Thank you for your support, it really made my day :)

Taken November 30. It's a sleepy Spencer!

Awww :]

Me! I got new frames...and prescriptions.

I've been wearing thing silver frames for years, I figured I'd try something different. They frame my face nicely, it's Prada lens...the arms have black and red. I don't care that it's Prada, they looked good and were comfortable!

Also, new pictures of Dan always cheer me up! You can see them here. The first picture is yummy! Can anybody spot the mistake on this one?

I suppose that's it for now. I'll start getting the holiday cards out tomorrow so hopefully you'll get them right before Christmas...or maybe a bit after for some of you.
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