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The icon whore strikes again

I'm proud of my mom. Last night we went to check on the three mice we got, she has been interested in their welfare as well. The middle sized one with the bloated belly was dead in the corner. At this point mom went and called their previous "owner" and started to lecture the mother harshly. The mother doesn't see a big deal since it's 'only rodents'. Bah. Anyway, I found out that there were six mice and when mom found that out she started to argue with the woman. Grrr, stupid arrogant and ignorant people. Anyway, the smallest one isn't doing too goo. I've wiped the dye off the mice so her fur shouldn't be so greasy but it is, sticks up and everything. She's also squinty eyed so I'm afraid she'll pass on too. When I'm sure that they (or the one) is healthy enough I'll put them\her in with the two black mice I have. Proper introductions of course. The biggest girl is very stroppy so I'm hoping she'll make it.

I'm having major nostalgia for my childhood and teens. Mom keeps asking me what I want for Chanukah and I can't answer because the stuff I do want she won't get for various reasons. So I told her if she gets me a bunch of J.L. Smith and Christopher Pike books I'd be super happy. I have a few of my old Pike books but the rest were put in the garage years ago along with my Smith books and got eaten by mildew, wild rats, and wild mice. Bummed me out badly especially because it's harder to find Smith books then it is to find Pike's old books and it's hard to find those!
Anybody know the authors I'm talking about? I loved those two authors. I liked R.L. Stine but his books were very predictable ya know? The Pike books were way out there!
You can see a bunch of their stories on my Amazon Wishlist.

What else should I mention? My sleep patterns are wonky like usual. I didn't get any sleep the other day. I fell asleep on Saturday at 6 and woke up at 11ish. Then I tried to get back to sleep around 2am but I couldn't and stayed up all night. Then yesterday I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 9. I was able to get back to sleep at 11 and then woke up at 6. I've been up since then. Hopefully because I got up at a 'normal' time I'll be able to get to sleep around 1 or 2 tonight.
Okay, I need help! I got my mother her gifts but I dont' know what to get my brother and his wife. It should be something for their house, I want something decorative and not...practical. Mom thinks I should get them chocolate fountain but why get them that?! I want it! ;)

If I supply the photos, can somebody make an animated icon of my kitties?
Tags: books, childhood, icons, mice, mom, stupid people
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