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Lion King, rants, and more! - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 09:32 am
Lion King, rants, and more!

I wanted to post yesterday but things were hectic. Anyway, Lion King was brilliant! Of course, I didn't think it would be anything but! Mom thought it was overrated. She thought some scenes were pointless and that 'Timon and Pumbaa should have gotten more time'. She doesn't understand why Scar got another song and they didn't. I mentioned that there was an extra scene with those two even though it was supposed to bring Simba's past back, it focused on Simba's problems and not really Timon and Pumbaa. She didn't understand that and she didn't understand why Scar needed more character profiling (not her words). That song was to show his madness and his frame of mind. I've been listening to the OBCR for a long time now so I was very hyped up to seeing it finally.
I cried during Circle of Life but really, are any of you surprised? That song always makes me cry, the movie version, Broadway version, and the Elton John version! It was wonderful how they did it, I read about everything but it doesn't compare to seeing it with your own eyes. The stampede was done very nicely, I was waiting to see that! I cried during Shadowland which is my favorite Broadway LK song. Endless Night also made me cry, it reminds me of Dad and if I'm in an emotional mood it brings the tears out ;)
One By One, wow, that was fun! My mom's friend didn't like it, she doesn't like African music (wtfbbq!). This one guy was about 8 feet behind us (we were front row balcony) and was twirling his bird on a stick. Joy!
THe man that played Zazu was great! I'm not a huge fan of Zazu in the movie but him and Rafiki were probably my favorite characters in the musical. Rafiki...what the heck can I say about her but OMFGLOL!!!
Okay that's my review, I recommend it to anybody that hasn't seen it. Next musical I see is Wicked in February!

Yesterday was a blah day. I went around the city looking for a job and got stuck in traffic on the way to Westwood, made me really late for my therapy appointment! Mom was there (to pick me up I guess) and they ripped into me. They don't believe I look for a job because 'you should have gotten one by now.'
At this point I don't care if they don't believe me but my therapist keeps saying it's a shame because 'mom will put you in an institution for not being able to function in the real world'. Um..wtf?
Also 'if you can plan a trip to a city like New York you can get a job'. That's another wtf! All you have to do for vacations is get to the airport in time, find your hotel, and know when to ask people for directions! You can do a lot more but that's the basic outline of it. Getting a job is different. If you want to compare my life with the NY trip then compare how I can find my way around Los Angeles! That's the main problem of being in a huge city with transportation I think, is finding the right buses and trains. I have no problem here of course, but that's how I would compare it, not to finding a job!

So I got only a hours sleep yesterday (Thursday) and was exhausted! Mom kept bitching at me when we were at home so I decided to get to bed early. I read a little and tried to wait until 9pm to get to sleep so I wouldn't wake up too early. Mom came in with one of those horrid plastic aquarium things and said 'you have three more mice for your collection'.
WTF!? She should know better the freaking bring questionable rodents into my room! I put them directly into the den and took a look at them. Some friends of hers, their daughter got them from PetCo only for a science project. They were to run a maze. She had them a month and then asked mom if I wanted them otherwise they'd release them. These mice...it was terrible. They have dye on them and their fur is greasy and they are squinty eyed and sick looking. Also extremely young looking, one is tiny! They were in one of these which is just terrible! Their 'bedding' was a rag (washcloth, flannel, whatever). Thei food? I was pissed as hell about their food and water, the wattle bottle was lying on it's side in the 'tank' because they couldn't be bothered to even get a proper bottle for that crappy 'tank'. I put my my finger against the spout and the way the bottle was, no water came out despite it being full! They had an unwrapped piece of string cheese as their food. Ya know, because mice live on cheese? /sarcasm.
It was unwrapped! A whole thing of string cheese is just too much for little mice so I unwrapped it and gave them a tiny piece and broke it up for the rest of the rodents. I then gave them real food. Ugh!
I took them out of that tank by the way, threw that piece of garbage out. I didn't even know I was getting some rescue mice (those are rescues in my opinion) so I only had a rat carrier clean. That was still better then their previous home, it was ventilated! So I put some Critter Country (my bedding of the month) and closed it up. Hooked the water up so they could reach it. Poor little mice. Mom was even upset about it...well I shouldn't say 'even' because she knows the proper type of living space and food a rat should get so why should a mouse be different?

I finally got to crash around 8pm and then woke up this morning at 4:50. I almost got back to sleep when Leela (that's her name) started meowing and tearing around the room. Zoe and Spencer were giving her 'wtf?' looks XD
Leela doesn't like my cats yet but she doesn't attack them, just growls and hisses and meows so it's not too bad. Spencer and Zoe don't initiate the verbal sparring but they do respond to her. I think poor Spencer has a cold, he was sneezing and his had a runny nose. His coat is shiny as are his eyes so I'm not too worried. I'll call the vet, I don't want him giving it to the other three cats! Leela should go in soon for shots and just to be checked over.

I think I'm caught up, I'm sitting at my desk with Zoe on the back of my chair, Leela roaming the house (finally being brave enough to), and Spencer sleeping on his my bed.

Mom and I have some errands to do today and we're going to somebody's house for dinner tonight. Mom is bringing the food because the parents won't be home and it's just the kids.

I want to thank the lovely Vanessa for the gorgeous holiday card! I got it yesterday, it's so beautiful!
It's this art, isn't it adorable!? You can find three more holiday themed pictures here, I'm loving that Draco!
I was having a crappy day yesterday and seeing the card made me feel a bit better :)

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Officer Kelli
Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 05:58 pm (UTC)

*SNORT* I have been looking for a job since July and don't have one, am I not fit to function in normal society? :P Seriously, don't listen to all these fucked up people who tell you stupid shit. It's not your fault you don't get called back and interviewed. That's just stupid.
ALSO I am so jealous you saw LK but I am sad the Scar you saw wasn't my friend Larry...he is so super cooooool! And he can sing like an angel...or I guess a devil since Scar is the evil...;)
Who the hell doesn't like African music? What uncultured people you interact with...:P
Just like Dan's mom, I was dissing her last night because she CLAIMS albinism can't happen in African people...um it's a disease carried on a recessive gene, I don't think it has race or gender preference...:P
We saw an a child with albinism in Chili's last night and she just thought he was mulatto...he was so not!
And as for the fucked up people with the mice...they should be reported. You don't fucking buy a pet for a SCIENCE PROJECT with the intentions of dumping it. I would so give them a talking to if I was up there. That's so stupid and such neglect. Oh "We'll just let them go, they can survive on their own!" How about I take your kid and drop her off in the desert, let's see who can survive on their own...>:(
It's just a bitter subject to me, as you can tell. That's why I want to be in the field I am going for. People like this disgust me and need to be punished.
I would report them if I were you, but since they are your mom's stupid friends I assume you don't want to make waves. People like this should not be allowed to own any animals.
You mean it was "wrapped"? You kept saying "UNWRAPPED!" like that was bad so I assume you meant it was still wrapped. Because that just adds to my case against them. Seriously. Cruelty and neglect MAJOR BIG TIME.
Your mom wasn't upset? Or was? The way you wrote it I can't tell, but it sounds like she wasn't so WTF MOM! DERRRRRRRRR
I'm sorry you got no sleep, that blows. :(
I hope Spencer feels better...thank god my dogs haven't caught what I had...I was worried. It depends on the strand, but I know it can happen. I have gotten sick from my pets before, colds and such. You should take care of yourself in case you get it from Spencer too.
So tonight you are technically babysitting then?
I would send you a card, but I don't have your address...:P
Go to my "Christmas card" journal entry and comment with it. It's screened of course. I don't have time to make "extra special ones" (or actually I don't care, haha!) so soooorry...;)

Agent 27
Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 09:57 pm (UTC)

OMFG I had a huge reply to you written out but my browser froze and closed! *growl snarl*
My family and family friends think I have no hope. It's sad
I love cultural music. My mom likes the movie music but I think I got my wide range of music taste from my dad who loved the music! You know that song 'Bittersweet Symphony' from the Verve? He liked that song because it was classical sounding :D
I had a large reply about the mice but I won't say it all again. I would have said something if I was in that room. I didn't with the first set of mice but I would have here, they only had cheese and couldn't get the water out of the bottle for goodness sakes! My mom said she had to bite her lip, she was upset. She thinks I'm an animal nazi because I get on her for buying wet dog food brands like Alpo. I make her get good dry food for the cats and dogs even if I can't get her to get good wet food. Because of this I'm an animal nazi to her (she should read some posts on lj!). So even though she thinks I'm extreme she didn't think those mice were well treated. One of them has a bloated belly :(
No I don't want to cause problems. I would love to report them but everybody will get on my case if I do :(
I'll just try to fatten them up properly (and try to get rid of that bloat). If I see them again I will be giving them a tongue lashing though >:(
I actually got sleep last night though, fell asleep around 8 and woke up at 5ish like I said. I'll probably have problems sleeping tonight though! D:
Nah, we're just keeping them company and providing the food (it's okay, the mom can't cook!). The son is 13 and the daughter 19.
I'll go to your journal right away, I just haven't been keeping up with my f-list lately :(
She made 50 cards from those four pieces so I felt so honored to be included!
I added more icons! WEeeee!

ReplyThread Parent
Officer Kelli
Sat, Dec. 9th, 2006 04:01 am (UTC)

Well at least your computer didn't turn off...our desktop keeps turning off because of a bad drive...GRR it blows...
Anywaaaay...right so if your family and friends think that way, you have to prove them wrong, then get out of there. It doesn't sound healthy. Your family is supposed to support you...I think you are capable of whatever you set your mind too, no matter what it is...
I do too! Cultural music reminds me that I'm not the only person in the world, there are so many places I have never been but want to go...:)
ALPO? Yikes...I bought Alpo once because the other wet dog food we had was packed up (when we first moved here) and I wanted to give the dogs some extra protein (or dead horses) since they hadn't eaten in like almost 2 days. :P
But consistently? I would never feed them that...yikes...
YOU are an animal nazi??? I want to be an ANIMAL COP. I hound my sister on the phone about her stupid friends. I am Hitler when it comes to animal care. It must be 100%. You know? Tell your mom that you are like Anne Frank...hahahahahahaa
She didn't think the mice weren't having issues? WOW...
Next time you see them tell them they can't be buying animals for science experiments and not intending to keep them. AND the experiment cannot hurt them...that's cruelty. And not feeding them appropriately is neglect. You really should report them if they buy other animals. Yes it might cause waves, but you can't let animals be mistreated just to make your mom happy. That's just not right. Sorry I will get off my soapbox...:P
Oh so the kids can take care of themselves but might starve. Gotcha...;)
I will send you a card out tomorrow or Monday. I ran out of stamps and cards. Gotta go to Dollar Tree (WOOP!) and the PO...;) I wish I could draw like that...
OMG I was looking at the last pic she drew and I didn't read who the characters were, but I assumed it was Ginny and Harry. How funny! Like she was predicting the future or something...;)

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Jessi (Yoda to some)
Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)

Thank god for kind, intelligent people like you to help those poor mice. Hopefully they'll perk up and become fat little happies =) Glad you loved Lion King!!

Agent 27
Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)

Thanks but I think one of them won't live actually. She's such a dink, she was probably 3 weeks old when she was purchased. She has a bloated belly from what I'm sure is mal-nutrition. Having only access to cheese, I'm not surprised :(
I thought my two year old mice that I got a few weeks ago were maltreated! They were in a Critter Trail and on ceder but at least they had real food and had access to their water bottle. Plus the man loved them despite the crappy living and did handle them. These poor mice though, *sigh*

Did you think I wouldn't like LK? ;)
Even if I thought the acting was dry or whatever I'd still like it because of the music. Hee!

ReplyThread Parent
Thu, Dec. 14th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC)

I could kill people who treat mice like that! I really hope they're okay, they really are the sweetest little creatures. And...cheese? Yes yes that's right mice live on cheese just like rabbits live on carrots, dogs on bones and cats on fish and milk. Umm? People are retards. But I do like those little plastic tanks, I used to use them as travel cages for my mice, they were pretty good for that.