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*crawls out of the grave*

Hello! This won't be a long update since I'm not up to it. I really don't know why I'm not spamming your f-list with my babbling.

Anyway, seeing Lion King tonight! I'm leaving pretty soon, mom and I are getting picked up by her friends who we are going with. I can't stand the husband, he's a chauvinist jerk. The wife is slightly better but she thinks all Islams should be wiped out...not in those words but that's the basic gist of it. Sad.

Anyway, I can't wait! I'm going to listen to Rhythm of the Pridelands on my iPod so I can get hyped up and drown out the husband's horribly annoying voice.

I really have no idea what to get people for the holidays. I already to my gift to my sister (not a real sibling). I got it in New York, so she's taken care of.

I don't know what to get my mom, my grandmother, or my brother. My brother is the hardest because I have to get a gift that is okay for both him and his wife. My mom, I should get something knitting or crochet related, I did find a cute necklace but I dunno. She said she wants theater glasses but...that's kinda boring! She doesn't want the cute ones that are attached to a handle, heck I'd like one of those! No, she wants regular binoculars. Boring!

My grandmother, well I can just get her slippers or warm pajamas but I get that every year. She wouldn't appreciate anything else really.

I also need to haul my arse to Coffee Bean to pick up something to ship to England. I also need to go to Coffee Bean for my own benefit, I haven't been there in two weeks at least!

Mom keeps asking what I want for Chanukah and I can't answer her because I really don't know! I told her the best gift would be money to go to England for a few weeks but then I laughed to show I didn't really expect that. Oh to go to England next year, that would be lovely. Well, the UK and not just England but you get my drift.

What else? Is there a site I can take a survey or 'meme' for a specific city? I want to take one for Los Angeles.

I finished my Stephen King book Cell. I was good, spooky of course but I was kinda upset with the end. Typical King, I still enjoyed it though. I'm going to start on a new book tomorrow.

My mood icon is strange, it's for 'peaceful' and he's about to get AK'd :P

775 more days until Bush is out of office! I have one of those dumb key chains :P

218 more days until Order of the Phoenix!

Questionable more days until Book 7!
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